Meet The Visionary Seattle Teacher Who Segregated Math Class

It was bound to happen sooner or later. It’s probably better that it was a POC’s idea. Early this past spring just before the pandemic emptied classrooms, math teacher Shraddha Shirude floated a novel course offering to sophomores at Garfield High for the 2020–2021 school year: Ethnic Studies Math. The result was confounding; 90 studentsContinue reading “Meet The Visionary Seattle Teacher Who Segregated Math Class”

Woke Women, White Men

They just pretending to be hating… When it comes to their dating lives, it turns out that some of the biggest anti-white activists may not hate white people so much, after all. Twitter users are roundly mocking figures ranging from Ilhan Omar, to Cambridge professor Priyamvada Gopal, to Washington Post editor Karen Attiah for theirContinue reading “Woke Women, White Men”

Netflix Wants To Turn Your Kids Into Trannies

Netflix is at again. This time, instead of teaching your kid to be gay and dog-whistling to pedophiles, Netflix is instead hinting to your kids that it’s great for them to chop off their penis, and even if they don’t desire to do so, well, that they should not be close-minded towards other kids thatContinue reading “Netflix Wants To Turn Your Kids Into Trannies”

Redskins? Let’s Change All The NFL Team Names

Vox posted this morning about the mounting pressure for the Washington Redskin’s to change their name. The effort to get Washington’s professional football team to change its name continues apace. On Friday morning, team owner Daniel Snyder opened up the floor internally for an official review of the name, following the news on Thursday that federalContinue reading “Redskins? Let’s Change All The NFL Team Names”

Everyone Hates Whitey. Oh BTW, George Floyd Had COVID

If you are white, Christian, and not willing to sell your soul to foster a lie, then you are in one of the smallest minority groups in the whole world. You are also the most despised. Certainly your whiteness is your most despised characteristic. But the people who hate you likely know that your mostContinue reading “Everyone Hates Whitey. Oh BTW, George Floyd Had COVID”