Trump Should Fire Dr. Fauci

I knew before I watched Plandemic that Dr. Fauci was corrupt. But now, every he move he makes is even more obviously in his own self-interest, whether directly or indirectly. Dr. Anthony Fauci warned Tuesday that reopening cities and states too quickly could trigger an outbreak that would get out of control and turn theContinue reading “Trump Should Fire Dr. Fauci”

It’s Just Like I Claimed

The governors of the large Democrat states seem to be determined to accomplish the imperatives of evil that I have been discussing for the past few weeks. The imperatives, if you recall are to push the lucrative satanic vaccine on the entire population, to cause the economy to crash, and in crashing the economy toContinue reading “It’s Just Like I Claimed”

Bill And Melinda Gates: Evil Is Being Exposed

Bill and Melinda Gates, who are so desperate to stick the world with needles, are whining about against Donald Trump’s decision to defund the corrupt World Health Organization. Chief Satanist Bill was crying this morning: ‘This is a global problem. They are the institution that brings nations together and make sure that we are sharingContinue reading “Bill And Melinda Gates: Evil Is Being Exposed”