Hollywood AI Is Racist

It was only a matter of time before the woke mob came for C-3PO. While most would likely assume a machine cannot have a race, the researchers said that they do indeed have “racial identities” influenced by “real world” stereotypes.  These “racial identities” can be found in both the fact that AIs and depictions of AIs have caucasion features and alsoContinue reading “Hollywood AI Is Racist”

Mike Gundy Cucks Big-Time

I posted the picture to make it clear what this massive controversy is regarding. Mike Gundy, who is the head football coach for Oklahoma State, wore this OAN T-shirt on a family fishing trip. In case you cannot yet the connect the dots, this controversial apparel obviously means that Gundy moonlights as a Nazi. YouContinue reading “Mike Gundy Cucks Big-Time”