Fool Me Once…

I’ve been ranting about the lockdown orders since they have begun occurring. At first, my criticism was aimed at how stupid the strategies were in combatting the virus. But as the first few weeks passed, information began surfacing that the virus’ threat was extremely exaggerated. Of course, this was never covered by the corrupt mediaContinue reading “Fool Me Once…”

It’s Just Like I Claimed

The governors of the large Democrat states seem to be determined to accomplish the imperatives of evil that I have been discussing for the past few weeks. The imperatives, if you recall are to push the lucrative satanic vaccine on the entire population, to cause the economy to crash, and in crashing the economy toContinue reading “It’s Just Like I Claimed”

The End Goal Of The Lockdown Is Socialism

When I speak of conspiracy theories, I am not usually referring to premeditated plans by cabals of individuals. Most of the evil that occurs in the world on a large scale, I believe, is caused by very powerful people who are terribly deluded. They don’t tend to think far in advance, just opportunistically. And asContinue reading “The End Goal Of The Lockdown Is Socialism”

Growing Unrest Against Mandated Stay-At-Home Orders

Yesterday, all across my Twitter feed were signs that Americans (and Canadians) are fed up with quarantine. The first sign was in California. Thousands of people in Southern California swarmed the beaches Friday to cool off from springtime heat amid the coronavirus pandemic. Temperatures in the region have soared heading into the weekend, nearly reaching 100 degrees in someContinue reading “Growing Unrest Against Mandated Stay-At-Home Orders”

The Weeping Media Personas

For a number of reasons, the recent round of protests in response to the government mandated lockdowns are a major frustration to the fear-mongering media complex. For one, these groups seem to consist of people on the Right, who as a cohort almost never protest outside of the annual pro-life rally. As protesting is predominantlyContinue reading “The Weeping Media Personas”

The Elites Want You Peasants To Know They Are Doing Just Fine

My sharper instincts are certainly telling me that the elites are wanting the coronavirus quarantine to continue for nefarious reasons and these are easy to list off. They want to ruin the economy to ruin Trump. They have connections to Big Pharma and want the Normies scared so that the when their lucrative vaccine isContinue reading “The Elites Want You Peasants To Know They Are Doing Just Fine”

The Cure Is Worse Than The Disease

I’m beginning to tire of the voices who are arguing for the continuation of the shutdown. The Leftist media establishment is still harping about it, but I typically expect them to take the most destructive stance on any issue. More troubling, even many on the Right are still throwing up their skirts and running throughContinue reading “The Cure Is Worse Than The Disease”

China Lied About Their Coronavirus Death Toll

That China lied about their Coronavirus death toll is something that has been suspected for quite some time. However, since we can’t expect the Chinese State to be transparent and the WHO won’t do an honest investigation of the extent of the virus in China, we have had to rely on the Chinese people toContinue reading “China Lied About Their Coronavirus Death Toll”

Some Actual Good News

Bill Ackman shares some positive thoughts. I am beginning to get optimistic. Cases appear to be peaking in NY. Almost the entire country is in shutdown. Hydroxychloriquine and antibiotics appear to help. There is increasing evidence that the asymptomatic infection rate could be as much as 50X higher than expected. — Bill Ackman (@BillAckman) AprilContinue reading “Some Actual Good News”