Covid-ertly Opportunistic

I’ve been making trips to the grocery store several times a week during Corona-chan’s blessed visit to our shores. I have no idea why this virus necessitates more frequent visits, especially when I am not hoarding any items. Last night, I was amused that the national chain that I frequent took the time to paintContinue reading “Covid-ertly Opportunistic”

Liberals Deny Reality

I’m not really a classic Republican type, nor a conservative, for that matter. By inherited personality, I am a libertarian who was forced to come to terms with the fact that libertarianism does sucks in the real world. I’m a Republican, for now, because the Democrats’ platform is so overtly retarded that I see itContinue reading “Liberals Deny Reality”

AOC Wants Power Not Change

For all of her rhetoric, it’s fairly obvious that AOC is simply interested in power. And as a Democrat, that means playing nice with others and not going after her own party. Of the half-dozen incumbent primary challengers Justice Democrats is backing this cycle, Ocasio-Cortez has endorsed just two. Neither was a particularly risky move:Continue reading “AOC Wants Power Not Change”

Democrat Party Fracture – Joe Rogan

A few months ago, I began postulating that no matter who the Democrats chose as their candidate that their sacrificial lamb would not be able to carry the entire Democrat Party. The party itself is too ideologically, religiously, and ethnically diverse for the whole Left to be galvanized by one figure. Any person they choseContinue reading “Democrat Party Fracture – Joe Rogan”