A Drawback To Capitalism

The most popular argument for a free-market economy is that it encourages innovation. “Under the damn commie regimes,” it is said, “they can’t invent anything because they don’t have a financial incentive to do so.” While this is a massive over-simplification, there is no doubt an element of truth to it. History certainly shows aContinue reading “A Drawback To Capitalism”

Plandemic Vignette Exposes Fauci & Redfield Conflict Of Interest

I finally was able to watch the vignette for Plandemic yesterday. It contained quite a bit of information that I was already familiar with, but also clued me into more shocking truths about this crisis and our national health directors. The first redpill was regarding the nature of patents. Apparently, top-level national health directors likeContinue reading “Plandemic Vignette Exposes Fauci & Redfield Conflict Of Interest”