Civic Nationalism Is A Lie

When you don’t understand the meaning of words. Nation is a word that is rarely understood. It is not the same thing as country or the state. Nation refers specifically to a group of people connected by blood. Usually, implied in that blood connection is shared language and religion. The idea that people could bandContinue reading “Civic Nationalism Is A Lie”

Ghana Is Based: Real Solutions To Imaginary Problems

In a climate that sees the West’s racism problem having only the solutions of burning down cities, tearing down statues, and white-washing the history books, Ghana offers a much more practical resolution. Ghana’s Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture is extending an invitations to African-Americans to re-settle in the country if they “feel unwelcome inContinue reading “Ghana Is Based: Real Solutions To Imaginary Problems”

Joe Biden: You “Ain’t Black” If You Don’t Vote For Me

In Creepy Joe’s latest attempt to display his rhetorical weaponry he may have revealed too much. “You got more questions but I’ll tell you if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” Surprisingly, and I mean that non-sarcastically, he later apologized for his statements, or atContinue reading “Joe Biden: You “Ain’t Black” If You Don’t Vote For Me”

Polish Christian Nationalism Vs. LGBTQ Agenda

Nationalist Poland is leading the way back to Western Civilization by embracing the traditional teachings of the Catholic church about sexual immorality. The Polish government’s targeted political campaign against the LGBTQ community continues to gain traction, driven by its ultranationalist leading party and galvanized by the institutional church as well as by Polish society, ofContinue reading “Polish Christian Nationalism Vs. LGBTQ Agenda”