Exodus From Blue States Frustrated With Lockdowns

Yesterday in my post, I mentioned that signs of unrest were rapidly growing in states like California where the lockdown order will remain in place for up to three months in certain areas. The unrest is very public in that there have been several protest demonstrations against the lockdown and a congressional district was convertedContinue reading “Exodus From Blue States Frustrated With Lockdowns”

The End Goal Of The Lockdown Is Socialism

When I speak of conspiracy theories, I am not usually referring to premeditated plans by cabals of individuals. Most of the evil that occurs in the world on a large scale, I believe, is caused by very powerful people who are terribly deluded. They don’t tend to think far in advance, just opportunistically. And asContinue reading “The End Goal Of The Lockdown Is Socialism”

Growing Unrest Against Mandated Stay-At-Home Orders

Yesterday, all across my Twitter feed were signs that Americans (and Canadians) are fed up with quarantine. The first sign was in California. Thousands of people in Southern California swarmed the beaches Friday to cool off from springtime heat amid the coronavirus pandemic. Temperatures in the region have soared heading into the weekend, nearly reaching 100 degrees in someContinue reading “Growing Unrest Against Mandated Stay-At-Home Orders”