It’s About Insurrection

The Democrats are stupid, as a rule, but even they understand what happens when the police is defunded. Chicago saw a dramatic increase in homicides and shootings in the first seven months of 2020 and a particularly remarkable increase in July, reflecting a growing trend in the U.S. that raised questions about potential police reform in major cities. DataContinue reading “It’s About Insurrection”

Daily Wire Missing The Point

It’s not everyday that I agree with the New York Times. On Wednesday, The New York Times published a piece seemingly insinuating that white suburbanites harbor racism against non-whites, and President Trump is playing on their fears to win votes in November. In the piece, titled, “Trump Plays on Racist Fears of Terrorized Suburbs toContinue reading “Daily Wire Missing The Point”

QAnon Trending, Gen. Flynn’s Endorsement, Epstein Island Flight Log

I’m relatively new to the world of QAnon, but it seems as if something significant is about the transpire. Last night, QAnon was trending on Twitter. The social media company is fairly reliable at suppressing any conservative topics being promoted on its forum unless that topic is deemed sanitary by the gatekeepers. Last night, whenContinue reading “QAnon Trending, Gen. Flynn’s Endorsement, Epstein Island Flight Log”

Tucker Carlson For President – Trump Seems To Have Lost His Will To Rule

It’s time for me to post another Tucker rant. This monologue from yesterday is the perfect encapsulation of the frustration that the right is feeling right now. And the last two minutes are particularly relevant as we all wonder, “Where the hell is Trump?” This confusion about Trump’s inaction is all the more puzzling sinceContinue reading “Tucker Carlson For President – Trump Seems To Have Lost His Will To Rule”

Trump Shows Up & The Importance Of Armaments

President Trump obviously reads my blog and watches my videos. I am very humbled that he did exactly as I asked him to with the military response. But, in all seriousness, Trump showed up. I’ll concede that perhaps there was some purpose in letting the situation in democrat strongholds deteriorate to the point where theContinue reading “Trump Shows Up & The Importance Of Armaments”

Where The Hell Is Donald Trump?

There are not many encouraging signs on this first day of June. Major protests & riots have sprung up in the majority of large American cities. The severity of such uprisings range from mostly peaceful, as in Phoenix, to resembling Mogadishu, as in Minneapolis, Atlanta, and DC. Numerous fatalities have been inflicted among bystanders, theContinue reading “Where The Hell Is Donald Trump?”