China Lied About Their Coronavirus Death Toll

That China lied about their Coronavirus death toll is something that has been suspected for quite some time. However, since we can’t expect the Chinese State to be transparent and the WHO won’t do an honest investigation of the extent of the virus in China, we have had to rely on the Chinese people toContinue reading “China Lied About Their Coronavirus Death Toll”

China Cremates Coronavirus Victims Alive

This is certainly not a new story, but it has not received much attention in the American media, likely because that media is too busy fawning over what a great job China did at containing the Coronavirus. In this video you will see a Chinese lady taking a ride in a taxi with the driverContinue reading “China Cremates Coronavirus Victims Alive”

A Lab, An Animal, A Party, Or a Nation?

Yesterday, I focused my criticism on the Chinese Communist Party and their willing shills, the World Health Organization. Had the former been transparent at what was occurring in their domain or the latter bothered to ask even one critical question in their investigation, then chances are the world would be in a much better placeContinue reading “A Lab, An Animal, A Party, Or a Nation?”

Putting The Reaction Of COVID-19 Into Perspective

Without trying to downplay the severity of this novel virus, it is worth comparing this epidemic to other antagonists that we consider perennials. Rush Limbaugh made some observations yesterday on his show by listing what has caused the most deaths in 2020 so far. Coronavirus: 21,000 deaths. Seasonal flu: 113,000. Malaria: 228,000. Suicide: 249,000. TrafficContinue reading “Putting The Reaction Of COVID-19 Into Perspective”

Coronavirus: Beginning Of The End In The US?

About a week ago, I already had to correct myself about the curve beginning to flatten with novel infections of the Coronavirus within the United States. The data showed a one-day decrease in new infections, which I took to mean we were already beginning to see the peak of the outbreak. However, after continuing toContinue reading “Coronavirus: Beginning Of The End In The US?”

Is The Spread Of The Coronavirus Slowing Down In The United States?

I cannot claim to have followed the spread of COVID-19 very closely. By that disclaimer, I simply mean that I have not been checking in on the numbers daily. Nevertheless, these charts that I will show track what the daily numbers have been since the outbreak began within the US and they tentatively point towardsContinue reading “Is The Spread Of The Coronavirus Slowing Down In The United States?”