Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine Proposal

A major publication pushes mandatory vaccines for all. The reason: When an effective vaccine is available for COVID-19, it will only defeat the pandemic if it is widely used, creating “herd immunity.” It is important to note that, during an epidemic, there is no threshold above which the protection conferred by “herd immunity” cannot beContinue reading “Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine Proposal”

Definitely Not Meth

Poor Jordy B.P. is having a really rough go at it while recovering from his meth addiction medication dependency in Serbia. He predictably contracted COVID-19. The infection happened in Serbia, where the family was staying while Peterson was recovering from a physical dependency on benzodiazepine. Mikhaila said that the Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic, had announcedContinue reading “Definitely Not Meth”

Bill Gates Is An Awful Salesman For His Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

Bill Gates certainly seems like he has nothing to hide. He is not desperately trying to rush his vaccine to market to make another massive fortune. Look at this body language. He seems like a gentleman you could trust with handshake.

Bill Gates & The Rockefellers Plan To Seize Your Assets If You Don’t Take Their Vaccines

The latent purpose of the COVID-19 pandemic has been speculated about for a while. The details are beginning to come out and it is about as bad as expected.

It’s Just Like I Claimed

The governors of the large Democrat states seem to be determined to accomplish the imperatives of evil that I have been discussing for the past few weeks. The imperatives, if you recall are to push the lucrative satanic vaccine on the entire population, to cause the economy to crash, and in crashing the economy toContinue reading “It’s Just Like I Claimed”

Strange Origins At The Wuhan Institute Of Virology Bioweapons Lab

The details of the origin of this outbreak are becoming more vivid by the day. I have written a few articles about how the virus may have originated in a Wuhan wet market where exotic fair was sold to the Chinese people. Nearly from the inception there was a different theory of origin that wasContinue reading “Strange Origins At The Wuhan Institute Of Virology Bioweapons Lab”

Covid-ertly Opportunistic

I’ve been making trips to the grocery store several times a week during Corona-chan’s blessed visit to our shores. I have no idea why this virus necessitates more frequent visits, especially when I am not hoarding any items. Last night, I was amused that the national chain that I frequent took the time to paintContinue reading “Covid-ertly Opportunistic”

Liberals Deny Reality

I’m not really a classic Republican type, nor a conservative, for that matter. By inherited personality, I am a libertarian who was forced to come to terms with the fact that libertarianism does sucks in the real world. I’m a Republican, for now, because the Democrats’ platform is so overtly retarded that I see itContinue reading “Liberals Deny Reality”

US Death Toll Prediction Lowered

It’s nice being right. The University of Washington’s Institute of Health Metrics has lowered its estimates on the Coronavirus fatalities. Coronavirus death toll estimate is lowered from 82,000 to 60,000 and the peak day for death is brought forward to April 12 where more than 2,200 Americans are predicted to die in 24 hours, newContinue reading “US Death Toll Prediction Lowered”