Trump Should Fire Dr. Fauci

I knew before I watched Plandemic that Dr. Fauci was corrupt. But now, every he move he makes is even more obviously in his own self-interest, whether directly or indirectly. Dr. Anthony Fauci warned Tuesday that reopening cities and states too quickly could trigger an outbreak that would get out of control and turn theContinue reading “Trump Should Fire Dr. Fauci”

Plandemic Vignette Exposes Fauci & Redfield Conflict Of Interest

I finally was able to watch the vignette for Plandemic yesterday. It contained quite a bit of information that I was already familiar with, but also clued me into more shocking truths about this crisis and our national health directors. The first redpill was regarding the nature of patents. Apparently, top-level national health directors likeContinue reading “Plandemic Vignette Exposes Fauci & Redfield Conflict Of Interest”

Scaring People Works

I have been energized over the past few weeks doing research about all things Coronavirus to find so many inquiring minds on the internet who are coming to the same conclusions that I have. The virus is real, but not particularly dangerous. It is highly infectious, but not that lethal. The MSM is creating hysteriaContinue reading “Scaring People Works”

The Weeping Media Personas

For a number of reasons, the recent round of protests in response to the government mandated lockdowns are a major frustration to the fear-mongering media complex. For one, these groups seem to consist of people on the Right, who as a cohort almost never protest outside of the annual pro-life rally. As protesting is predominantlyContinue reading “The Weeping Media Personas”

Further Proof The Coronavirus Is About Creating Mass Hysteria

Yet further information has been discovered that confirms my suspicions that the Coronavirus pandemic appears to more of psy-op than a legitimate threat to public health. The early results from L.A. County come three days after Stanford researchers reported that the coronavirus appears to have circulated much more widely in Santa Clara County than previouslyContinue reading “Further Proof The Coronavirus Is About Creating Mass Hysteria”

Strange Origins At The Wuhan Institute Of Virology Bioweapons Lab

The details of the origin of this outbreak are becoming more vivid by the day. I have written a few articles about how the virus may have originated in a Wuhan wet market where exotic fair was sold to the Chinese people. Nearly from the inception there was a different theory of origin that wasContinue reading “Strange Origins At The Wuhan Institute Of Virology Bioweapons Lab”

The Cure Is Worse Than The Disease

I’m beginning to tire of the voices who are arguing for the continuation of the shutdown. The Leftist media establishment is still harping about it, but I typically expect them to take the most destructive stance on any issue. More troubling, even many on the Right are still throwing up their skirts and running throughContinue reading “The Cure Is Worse Than The Disease”