Bill Gates Is An Awful Salesman For His Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

Bill Gates certainly seems like he has nothing to hide. He is not desperately trying to rush his vaccine to market to make another massive fortune. Look at this body language. He seems like a gentleman you could trust with handshake.

Bill Gates & The Rockefellers Plan To Seize Your Assets If You Don’t Take Their Vaccines

The latent purpose of the COVID-19 pandemic has been speculated about for a while. The details are beginning to come out and it is about as bad as expected.

A Drawback To Capitalism

The most popular argument for a free-market economy is that it encourages innovation. “Under the damn commie regimes,” it is said, “they can’t invent anything because they don’t have a financial incentive to do so.” While this is a massive over-simplification, there is no doubt an element of truth to it. History certainly shows aContinue reading “A Drawback To Capitalism”

Bill And Melinda Gates: Evil Is Being Exposed

Bill and Melinda Gates, who are so desperate to stick the world with needles, are whining about against Donald Trump’s decision to defund the corrupt World Health Organization. Chief Satanist Bill was crying this morning: ‘This is a global problem. They are the institution that brings nations together and make sure that we are sharingContinue reading “Bill And Melinda Gates: Evil Is Being Exposed”

Bill Gates Didn’t Vaccinate His Own Children

That’s weird. Mr. GloboHomo champion of vaccinating little black and brown babies refused to stick his own children with dozens of needles. Isn’t that weird? This admission came from the Gates family’s personal physician in Seattle, who was speaking behind closed doors with other doctors at a symposium last year (someone at the conference leakedContinue reading “Bill Gates Didn’t Vaccinate His Own Children”

Bill Gate’s Real Motive For Stepping Down As CEO Of Microsoft

What’s more lucrative than being the CEO of a Fortune 500 company? Why, being a pharmaceutical entrepreneur, of course! There’s no big surprise here. Gates has been involved in vaccines for years. He saw an opportunity with COVID-19 and is taking his chance.