Following Your Gut With Vaccines

When my son was a born a few years ago, I thought it an appropriate time to study vaccines. It did not take long for me to decide against having doctors administer these bogus shots. I can credit the now “canceled” documentary Vaxxed for pushing me over the edge against immunizations. After watching the film,Continue reading “Following Your Gut With Vaccines”

A Drawback To Capitalism

The most popular argument for a free-market economy is that it encourages innovation. “Under the damn commie regimes,” it is said, “they can’t invent anything because they don’t have a financial incentive to do so.” While this is a massive over-simplification, there is no doubt an element of truth to it. History certainly shows aContinue reading “A Drawback To Capitalism”

Further Proof The Coronavirus Is About Creating Mass Hysteria

Yet further information has been discovered that confirms my suspicions that the Coronavirus pandemic appears to more of psy-op than a legitimate threat to public health. The early results from L.A. County come three days after Stanford researchers reported that the coronavirus appears to have circulated much more widely in Santa Clara County than previouslyContinue reading “Further Proof The Coronavirus Is About Creating Mass Hysteria”