Sermon On The Mount Series – Fulfilling The Law & Prophets – Matthew 5:17-20

Matthew 5:17-20 17 “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. 18 For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the Law until all isContinue reading “Sermon On The Mount Series – Fulfilling The Law & Prophets – Matthew 5:17-20”

Bible Will Be Considered Hate Speech

How long until the Gospel is declared hate speech? — Roosh (@rooshv) July 31, 2020 It’s only a matter of time to be sure. They are burning Bible’s in Portland. In Scotland: Anthony Horan, director of the Catholic parliamentary office, said: “Whilst acknowledging that stirring up of hatred is morally wrong and supporting moves toContinue reading “Bible Will Be Considered Hate Speech”

Sermon On The Mount Series – Light Of The World – Matthew 5:14-16

Last week, we discussed the importance of not compromising Christian teaching and character. Salt is only good if it remains salt. Christians must in some ways maintain distance from the world and its pursuits. If Christians fail to be detached, then they will become corrupted, and therefore worthless. Nevertheless, Christians must also be an exampleContinue reading “Sermon On The Mount Series – Light Of The World – Matthew 5:14-16”

Sermon On The Mount Series – Salt Of The Earth – Matthew 5:13

Last week, with the Beatitudes we discussed how Jesus pulled back the veil to show how the world really operates and will one day be restored. This week we are going to be discussing how the territories of the Kingdom are maintained. And while the verse we are looking at today is always paired withContinue reading “Sermon On The Mount Series – Salt Of The Earth – Matthew 5:13”

Shaun King & Black Lives Matter Want To Tear Down Churches

Shaun King turned some heads yesterday among the cucking crowd who never bothered to wonder why the Black Lives Matter organization seems to have nothing to do with saving black lives. As a side note, it is always funny when activists display their ignorance. First, the Bible never says that when Joseph and Mary fleeContinue reading “Shaun King & Black Lives Matter Want To Tear Down Churches”

The Role Of Women According To The Bible

In writing about Karen and Bryan these past few days I have been receiving critical feedback. This is to be expected as par for the course as what I have been saying is politically incorrect. Therefore, I do not expect most people to agree with my evaluations or my suggestions. However, one commenter on myContinue reading “The Role Of Women According To The Bible”

The Carrot & The Stick

I observed that in this cautionary tale about human wickedness there is no illustration of people drowning outside the ark nor are there any mention of them in the text of my son’s Beginner’s Bible. While some might see it as morbid to include such details, I would say that not including them misses halfContinue reading “The Carrot & The Stick”