It’s Just Like I Claimed

The governors of the large Democrat states seem to be determined to accomplish the imperatives of evil that I have been discussing for the past few weeks. The imperatives, if you recall are to push the lucrative satanic vaccine on the entire population, to cause the economy to crash, and in crashing the economy toContinue reading “It’s Just Like I Claimed”

Ahmed Arbery: The Poor Black Guy Who Was Killed

It’s a been a while since we’ve lost a black life at the hands of a white person. We’ve been overdue for the outrage that will outpour over this national tragedy, which is apparently one of the few things most of the black community will get out of bed for. The wailing and accusations willContinue reading “Ahmed Arbery: The Poor Black Guy Who Was Killed”

Men: You Shall Not Be Losers

I am going to speculate about the nature of these gruesome murders that took place a few months back in Celebration, FL. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the story, a husband and father, named Anthony Todt, appears to have brutally murdered his wife and three children. A detail that is nearly asContinue reading “Men: You Shall Not Be Losers”

Prince Harry Has No Balls

I don’t closely follow the British royal family, even though I am a big fan of monarchies as the best form of government, in theory at least. As an American, however, I simply fail to grasp the traditions and the function of the current royalty, which I understand is a utilitarians American perspective. Nevertheless, IContinue reading “Prince Harry Has No Balls”

My Thoughts Of Netflix’s “Waco”

I’m not going to commit myself to an in-depth analysis of the series as that would be too time-consuming. I’m only going to offer some observations. I’m assuming that most of you who are reading this have already seen it. For those of you who haven’t watched the series, Spoiler Alert, obviously. Also, you shouldContinue reading “My Thoughts Of Netflix’s “Waco””

Yes, Brandi Love. I Think A Muslim Caliphate Would Be Better.

I’ve read a few different observations on how common it is for for former porn industry gals to venture their way over to shilling for conservative causes. I thought about researching it, as it would make an interesting blog post, but I really try to abstain from typing “porn” into my search engine. Perhaps someContinue reading “Yes, Brandi Love. I Think A Muslim Caliphate Would Be Better.”

U.S.A. Women’s Soccer Equality Fail

This whole episode has been a hilarious failure. Justly, this shenanigan lawsuit led by Megan Rapinoe will almost surely lead to a long-term decline in revenue for the women’s team who wanted to be paid as much as their US Men’s counterparts. After all, a huge avenue of income are father’s taking their daughters toContinue reading “U.S.A. Women’s Soccer Equality Fail”

Women In The Workplace

I’m not saying that woman should not be allowed to work, but our society would be far better off if 90% of the current female workforce were laid off overnight. Women have been reducing the real wages of the male workforce since their mass entrance back in the 60’s & 70’s. They are also notContinue reading “Women In The Workplace”

My Daughter Has Finally Arrived!

Momma and I were becoming a bit nervous over the past week anticipating the arrival of our daughter, Esmerelda. Anyone who has been an expectant parent knows the feeling. On one hand, you are super excited to meet your child who has been living with you quietly for the past several months. On the otherContinue reading “My Daughter Has Finally Arrived!”

Disclaimer: I think the Zman blog is great. However, I am going to disagree with his classic dissident right perspective about the Tara Reade hypocrisy. The legacy right-wing media is working hard to breathe life into the story about Joe Biden sexually harassing a women decades ago. Tara Reade has been turning up on conservativeContinue reading