Lighten Up On The Despair – You’re Probably Wrong

As the weight of the impact of the Coronavirus is hitting people more as each day goes by, it appears that the tendency to prophesy doom and gloom is growing stronger. The somewhat ironic aspect of this negative forecasting is that it has nothing to do with the danger of the Coronavirus itself as calculatedContinue reading “Lighten Up On The Despair – You’re Probably Wrong”

Coronavirus Lockdown Forces Companies To Hire Fellow Countrymen

Economic realities have been greatly affected by the coronavirus outbreak and the ensuing travel bans that governments have instituted to socially distance on the macro-scale. There are all sorts of problems of convenience that these travel bans cause, but there are also deeper economic consequences. What, for instance, are companies that rely on NOT hiringContinue reading “Coronavirus Lockdown Forces Companies To Hire Fellow Countrymen”

Quarantine Mentality – Be Thankful

As the Corona-chan panic takes over the entire United States I have remained in a fantastically optimistic mood. This isn’t exactly typical for me, but I am glad to see that my efforts to be more grateful in my daily life are bearing some fruit. I was initially very upset by the forced closure ofContinue reading “Quarantine Mentality – Be Thankful”

Socialism Vs. Capitalism

The response to the coronavirus pandemic with businesses being forced to shut down, whether prescriptively or incidentally, raises some questions in the centuries long debate between socialism and capitalism. As a person on the right who is skeptical about strong preferences for either system this exaggerated crisis provides an interesting case study.

Relief Sounds Like A Great Option

I get it. It will cause massive amounts of inflation. But, in the face of local governments forcing businesses to close I’m not hearing any better ideas. He said the administration is still looking at direct payments to most Americans. Under the proposal, checks of $1,000 or more could be sent out to people aroundContinue reading “Relief Sounds Like A Great Option”