Cuck-Face Pastor Nathan Dannison

Kalamazoo city leaders said the Proud Boys have not reserved any park space or requested a permit to host an event in the city. Kalamazoo Deputy City Manager Jeff Chamberlain said you don’t necessarily need a permit to protest in the city.
First Congregational Church has reserved Arcadia Creek Festival Place for a unity rally at 2.p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 15, the same time and place the Proud Boys said they will rally.
Organizers said it is a counter protest against the Proud Boys. Pastor Nathan Dannison said they have to stand up for their fellow community members.
“It’s up to the rest of the community to stand up and say these are people and we’re not going to stand by while you come to bash them or do violence to innocent people,” Dannison said.

This is Pastor Faggot from the title of the article.

Just to be clear, he supports this.

And this…

Pastor Faggot would rather innocent people be killed than anyone think he was a racist.

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