Blackifying The Suburbs


San Mateo is a segregated Silicon Valley city. Ms. Heath observes that there are no Black families in her Hillsdale neighborhood. San Mateo’s few remaining African-Americans mostly live in another neighborhood, where they have long been concentrated. One percent of Hillsdale High School students are Black.

I bet Hillsdale High School is both academically exceptional and safe campus.

Ms. Heath says she would like to live in a more diverse neighborhood. The way to do that, she says, is to insist that the City Council provide more affordable housing — subsidized units for low-income families — in her neighborhood. That would be a step forward, but most African-Americans are not poor; working- and middle-class Black families whose incomes are too high to qualify for existing subsidies were also excluded from neighborhoods like Hillside because of their race.

No they weren’t. They can’t afford to live there.

Anyone want to guess which Near-Eastern tribe this journalist belongs to?

It’s actually quite simple to have more diversity in your neighborhood, Ms. Heath, just move to the other side of town. Oh by the way, the minorities might hate you for doing that, too. Just ask the gentrifiers in Seattle.

This is yet another case of Leftists asking children to justify their retarded ideology. “Ms. Heath” looks to be about sixteen years old.

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