Where Sexual Liberalization Leads

I bet your Woodstock attending parents never thought free love would turn into this.

Notice how many times this heathen uses the word “liberated”. That’s a word that is commonly tossed around on both the Left and the Right. On the Left, it means to remove systematic oppression, however vaguely those systems are defined. On the right, liberation, more commonly referred to as freedom, pertains to individual autonomy. What many people fail to realize is that both movements lead to the same inevitable end. (Why Liberalism Failed by Patrick Deneed is a good in-depth exploration of how classic and neo-liberalism are joined at the hip.)

Despite the flowery language, when people long for freedom, they rarely intend the noble desires to be free from tyranny or sin. Rather, they mean the exact opposite. They desire freedom from moral constraint.

In the above video you see what happens when people are liberated. They animate their passions and become parodies of human beings.

#Liberation #Freedom

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