Definitely Not Meth

Poor Jordy B.P. is having a really rough go at it while recovering from his meth addiction medication dependency in Serbia. He predictably contracted COVID-19.

The infection happened in Serbia, where the family was staying while Peterson was recovering from a physical dependency on benzodiazepine. Mikhaila said that the Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic, had announced that the nation was coronavirus free. However, that was not the case, and after a few weeks of reopening in the lead-up to national elections, which were held June 21, the nation went back into lockdown mode.

It was at this time that the Peterson family went into quarantine at the clinic where Dr. Peterson was being treated. Mikhaila said that it wasn’t until 10 days into quarantine that she, her husband, baby, and father all came down with symptoms of the illness.

The virus posed little problem for Mikhaila, her child, or her husband, but it had a poor affect for Dr. Peterson, who ended up with pneumonia—for the second time this year. Compounding the problem was that his doctors were treating the virus with am antibiotic called fluoroquinolones. This drug, said Mikhalia, is toxic for people suffering benzodiazepine withdrawal.

Please remember that when his wife had cancer, Jordan likely went into rehab so he could remain the center of attention. Of course he contracted COVID, and of course there were complications in his treatment. The guy is narcissistic hypochondriac.

#JordanPeterson #Rehab #COVID19

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