Peak Millennial

I actually like my generation a lot. We were spoiled in many ways, yet in other ways we were undoubtedly hosed. But I’ll be damned in a bunch of Millennials aren’t at the center of this.

SEATTLE — A lawsuit filed Monday against the city of Seattle argues protesters’ constitutional rights have been violated by the police department’s “indiscriminate” use of chemical and less-lethal crowd control tactics, which have forced demonstrators to buy “expensive” protective gear in order to safely bring their message against police brutality to the streets.

“Because the Seattle Police Department has acted above and outside the law in dispensing its unbridled force, and the City has failed to prevent same, the government effect is to establish a de facto protest tax,” the lawyers wrote. “Individual protesters subjected to SPD’s unabated and indiscriminate violence now must purchase cost-prohibitive gear to withstand munitions – even when peacefully protesting – as a condition to exercising their right to free speech and peaceable assembly.”

The level of entitlement is mind-boggling. It gets better.

“But the continued misuse of war munitions by SPD against civilians turns the streets – a public forum and site of protest – into a pay-to-protest racket where only a privileged few who are wealthy enough or popular enough to crowdsource funds to purchase gear akin to that used by the police department they fund can truly be in the streets,” the lawsuit claims.

When all kids receive a trophy they grow up to adults who think they all deserve the same protective gear so that they can begin an insurrection.

#Millennial #Seattle #Riots

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