Not Just Fake News, But Insular News

Ever get the impression that Brian Stelter doesn’t talk to anyone besides Anderson Cooper and his cats? A new meta study of inter-media Twitter interactions confirms what we have often suspected.

Several things stood out for Usher in examining these specific clusters. The large elite/legacy cluster, with some of the most influential news media prominently represented, was also among the most insular, she noted. More than 68% of the cluster members’ Twitter interactions with other journalists were within the group.

“That also may mean they’re not engaging, in the same kind of way, with the people who are actually on the ground getting these sorts of congressional microscoops, they’re not engaging with the journalists who are the policy wonks,” Usher said.

“I was also really intrigued to see that there was a television producer cluster, where Fox was in the mix with ABC and CBS, which might explain why we tend to see a lot of the same faces on TV news programs.”

One cluster was labeled as CNN because more than half its members were CNN journalists and much of the conversation related to network stories and personalities, which Usher found problematic.

“CNN is telling a story about what is happening with CNN, and that is worrisome. Maybe that’s an organizational branding strategy, but I think it potentially has deleterious effects for public discourse,” she said.

Across the political spectrum, groups throw the accusation of “living in an echo chamber” at their opponents. To a certain extent, it is true. It’s axiomatic that people will listen to news sources that they agree with. Every few months I have an itch to see what the Devil is up to so I’ll follow material released by AOC or CNN or whomever. After a few days, when I become infuriated by the stupidity and blatant dishonesty I will unfollow and go back to sourcing news through alt-media channels. After all, I am a very very small player in the alt-media bubble. It’s therefore not that surprising that legacy media or CNN mostly interact with each other and cluster together.

What makes the media clusters disastrous, however, is the lack of familiarity these media personalities have with dissident viewpoints. If I pay attention to the media at all, I will know CNN’s viewpoint on a given subject. Even with their dwindling ratings their reach is massive. But they, as a large media company, will have to go out of their way to hear the common man’s viewpoint on a given subject because the common man does not have a platform at all. They don’t go out of their way and that is by design. You can’t long lie for a living without it eating at you. It’s better to try and indoctrinate yourself with the viewpoints of other liars.

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