Disney Is Flailing

One glass is half-full take on the faux-pandemic is all of the evil companies that are being buried as a consequence. Pedo-Disney is certainly one of them with its parks being closed for months on end and its streaming service struggling for life. But the executives at Devil Mouse have an excellent plan.

After detailing those numbers, new Disney Chief Executive Bob Chapek outlined a plan Tuesday that will leverage Disney+ and attempt to replicate its success. Disney will slightly unclog the studio’s pandemic-paused movie pipeline by premiering its long-delayed “Mulan” live-action feature on Disney+ as a pay-per-view option for $30 on Sept. 4 and launch a new streaming service overseas. Disney will release the big-budget feature in theaters in countries where the facilities are open, and charge a similar price in other countries that are sheltered in place due to COVID-19.

They want to charge you $30 to see a movie A) That has already been released in animated form and B) They would have only charged you $10 to see in a theatre experience. With a standard release they would also be splitting revenue with the theatre. I’d say they are a bit desperate for revenue.

And don’t pay any attention to the alleged “Success” of Disney+. After experiencing a huge amount of interest, the streaming service is failing to retain users.

The top entertainment apps will have a 15% engagement rate with users 30 days after the app is downloaded. Disney+’s engagement rate after the same period is a third of that at only 5%! Apparently, after the initial hype of the streaming service and the objective success of the The Mandolorian users did not find the app worth . It seems even that even child-women millennials won’t pay $6.99 a month to watch The Little Mermaid for the kajillionth time.

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