Thoughts On The Kurgan’s “The Idiocy Of Sola Scriptura”

I have been interested in Catholicism for a longgg time. Long before I left Christianity altogether for a season, but it has been weighing on my mind ever since God has brought me back.

The Kurgan’s arguments are sound. He primarily focuses on Sola Scriptura being impossible since the Bible was assembled after the Church was founded and hypocritical since protestants use a version of the Bible that was heavily modified by both Luther and the Jews.

As far as Catholicism in general, I honestly believe that is where I’ll end up. For now, I wonder if I long to be Catholic or simply hate the rampant gayness of non-denominational churches.

Only time will tell, but I need to pursue it a bit more.

#Catholicism #Protestantism #TheKurgan #SolaScriptura

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