Maybe They’ll Stop Lying?

After all the shit they have pulled, I suppose a little discipline is in order.

The number of violent incidents directed at journalists has skyrocketed, according to the US Press Freedom Tracker, which said heavy-handed police tactics during BLM protests have made 2020 a uniquely dangerous year for reporters.

There have been more than 612 press freedom incidents so far this year, according to the group’s July tally. The figure includes more than 87 arrests, 140 physical attacks, 143 injuries from rubber bullets or projectiles, and 76 cases where equipment was damaged. There have also been dozens of cases of journalists being teargassed or hit with pepper spray.

The press freedom watchdog said that the number of assaults against journalists so far in 2020 is “unlike anything we’ve seen in modern history.” The group has documented more incidents so far this year than in the previous three years combined.

The organization typically records around 100-150 press freedom violations in the US each year.

Enemies of the American people. After all…

Americans’ trust in the media to report news honestly continues to spiral downward, as 86 percent of respondents in a new Knight Foundation/Gallup poll say they see either “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of political bias.

The ratio of people who see at least a fair amount of bias in the way news is covered has increased by 25 percentage points during the Obama and Trump presidencies, as it stood at 62 percent in 2007, the poll released Tuesday showed. Eighty-four percent of respondents blame the media for political divisions in the country, and 49 percent said news coverage has a great deal of bias.

“Most Americans have lost confidence in the media to deliver the news objectively,” Knight Foundation Senior Vice President Sam Gill said. “This is corrosive for our democracy.”

#FakeNews #MainstreamMedia #LyingPress

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