The Irony Of The Jewish Initiative Of Diversity

The theory was to protect themselves. The Jewish people were so hateful and suspicious of European Christians after being evicted from Western nations that they wanted to shield themselves in the states with other minorities.

It seems that strategy is back-firing. As it turns out, the peculiar Near-Eastern tribe seems to have trouble getting along with nearly everyone.

“Those of you who say that you are Jews, I will not give you the honor of calling you a Jew; you are not a Jew! You’re So-Called [a Jew], you are Satan and it is my job now to pull the cover off of Satan so that every Muslim, when he sees Satan, [will/should] pick up a stone,”

The problem is that when you position your culture as the anti-thesis to Logos, which is the antithesis to Truth, then you are going to piss off just about everyone.

#Jews #Muslims #Islam #Diversity

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