On Not Wearing Masks

I am not in favor of the COVID masks. I think they are utterly stupid. Back when the fake lockdowns started I openly ridiculed people who voluntarily wore masks. I observed that these sheep were the laughing stock of the elite who were mandating masks, possibly for no other reason than just shits and giggles.

But, then the masks became mandatory.

The first time I was told to put on a mask was at Costco a few months ago. I made some not so kind remarks to hourly employees who were only doing their jobs. I hate the mask. It’s unhealthy. It’s cuts off oxygen. It smells.

That being said, I wear the mask when I am asked to do so, even though I disagree with the purpose. Yes, even if I think the latent purpose of having people wear masks is to cause them to internalize fear so that they’ll buy Billy Satan Gates’ magic vaccine, I’ll wear the damn masks.

I say this because many people (on the right) have made not wearing a mask their hill to die on. Of all the fucked up things that are present in the world, wearing a mask holds their attention as the chief injustice to war against. These thoughtful heroes lie awake at night thinking about where they are not going to wear their mask tomorrow. A bunch of John Wayne’s, these guys. Apparently, these revolutionaries never do anything else in their life that is technically pointless yet upholds decorum like paying taxes, smiling politely at their parents’ stories, or putting on deodorant.

There’s a colloquialism for this type of obsession with displaying how heroic you are. It’s called Virtue-signaling.

It’s the same as the damn AWFL’s who flock to the BLM protests so they can take Instagram selfies. No one cares. No one thinks you are bigger, stronger, or a more courageous person because you had the stones to walk into Kroger without a piece of fabric over your face. Keep in mind, you mask-less warrior, that you are also wearing six other articles of clothing when you go into the store, at least four of which you do not need to be wearing.

#Masks #COVIDMasks #COVID-19

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