Charlemagne/Duterte 2024

Vox Day’s anticipation of the coming martial law and end of the democracy fad:

The Republic failed. Democracy has failed. Liberalism, in both the proto-SJW and the classical senses, has failed. Conservatism has failed. Socialism has failed. This means that a return to some form of authoritarian government is inevitable, and the only question is precisely what form it will take.

Better the likes of Franco, Duterte, Putin, and Xi than Merkel, Macron, Trudeau, May, and the rest of the Promethean mediocrities. The historical trends are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean one has to suffer Neros and Caligulas when there are Augustuses and Aureliuses available.

Long ago a certain philosopher observed that democracy leads to tyranny. Societies become severely undisciplined during democratic rule and in order to make it cohesive once again, a strong man is needed to bring stability and order. This is exactly what we see unfolding in the American empire with the additional stressors of materialism and multiculturalism. I don’t believe anyone besides panties-twisted leftists truly believe that Donald Trump will be this tyrant, even if some of us wish he would bear that burden.

But, it is coming. The raging hordes that currently fill the streets with often unrestrained destruction are guaranteeing it. By the time 2024 comes around, if not much sooner and if there are still elections the way we commonly practice them, the choice will be between which strong man the polarized masses most popularly prefer.

In this current vector, it is looking as if November 3rd will be America’s judgement day no matter who wins. If Trump wins, the cities will burn and riots will continue in a far greater degree than they are currently. The GEOTUS will have to decide to either become a tyrant or step out of the way to allow someone to fill that role. If Biden wins, America will already have its tyrant in the form of a senile puppet-king controlled by the elites. There will be calm, at first, as the establishment will have their pawn in office. But the divisions will remain and continued to be stoked by the satanic globalists until they fracture.

I don’t like making grandiose predictions, but if I were a betting man, as the saying goes, I would put my money on living in a fundamentally different order than we do currently. The coming governments after the fracture will be led by tyrants. Some, might even be good tyrants. Hopefully, we raise up an authoritarian who bends the knee only to Jesus Christ. Hopefully, we raise up Charlemagne 2.0.

#Authoritarianism #Tyranny #Christianity #Nationalism #ChristianNationalism #Plato #VoxDay #VoxPopoli #DonaldTrump

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