Netflix Wants To Turn Your Kids Into Trannies

Netflix is at again. This time, instead of teaching your kid to be gay and dog-whistling to pedophiles, Netflix is instead hinting to your kids that it’s great for them to chop off their penis, and even if they don’t desire to do so, well, that they should not be close-minded towards other kids that do. Alas, the remake of the “The Baby-Sitter’s Club.”

A new tranny child will make an appearance. This child doesn’t wear his old clothes that were made for a boy and has possessed the self-awareness since birth, apparently, that “she” was always a girl. Never mind the fact that it is incredibly sexist to assign certain clothes to a specific gender.

His woke babysitter comes to his aid when another girl is suspicious about this boy acting like someone he is not. Her wokeness is of the ultimate pedigree as she is from California. And we can be certain that if enough people like her have their way in SJW-girl’s new town, then the decent residents of wherever-ville will also flee the smoldering ruins of that locale, just like the citizens of California are presently.

In a particularly retarded scene meant to glorify entitled brats, one of the baby-sitters corrects medical doctors about her friend’s gender. Amen. I can’t wait for Netflix to start pushing transcaninism. Then they can do an episode about a backwards, hurtful, and bigoted veterinarian who refuses to see a child who thinks he’s a Labrador.

Netflix is degenerate. While it can be difficult to assess which streaming service deserves the title of most evil, on a purely content level, I think Netflix wins.

This is the same service that threatened to boycott Georgia when the state passed laws making it more difficult for mothers to murder their children. Netflix wants to mutilate your children so that they are incapable of reproducing, and from that terrible starting point will proceed to have a decent chance of killing themselves from despair. But, in case your children make it through the tranny propaganda and do somehow procreate, Netflix very strongly wants you to murder that child. At Netflix, there seems to be nothing worse than being human.

#Netflix #TheBabySittersClub #LGBTQ #Pedophilia #Abortion #Woke

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