Garrett Foster Never Heard “Don’t Take Your Guns To Town”

Let’s start off this Monday morning with a heart-warming tale about a Black Lives Matter cuckold (white guy) who was shot in Austin.

A man shot dead at a protest in Austin, Texas was armed with an AK-47 rifle, and told a local reporter that opponents of Black Lives Matter are “p**sies.” His death set off a partisan blame game online.

Local journalist Hiram Gilberto caught the incident on camera, and apparently interviewed the victim earlier in the evening. The man, identified as Garrett Foster, was armed with an AK-47 rifle, and told Gilberto that he carried the weapon to “practice some of our rights.”

But wait, there’s more! Listen how the New York Times desperately attempts to maintain the “Peaceful Protester” charade.

Mr. Foster, who had served in the military, was armed, but he was not seeking out trouble at the march, relatives and witnesses told reporters. At the time of the shooting, Mr. Foster was pushing his fiancée through the intersection in her wheelchair.

Oh, poor Mr. Foster. He wasn’t doing anything wrong. In fact, he was gunned down by some hateful alt-right activist while helping his paraplegic BLACK fiancee across the street in her wheelchair. Waaaaah!

This idiot probably received what he deserved. All this could have been avoided had Foster heeded Johnny Cash’s wisdom in “Don’t Take Your Guns To Town.”

The reasons that cities like Portland, Seattle, and New York are in flames are due to the leadership in those cities actively supporting the insurrectionists and the knowledge that most of the citizens of the municipalities are not carrying weapons. We could debate all day about which state has the most armed citizenry, but suffice it to say here that if you are dumb enough to brandish an AK-47 at a Black Lives Matter protest in Austin then you should expect to be shot on the spot.

In related news, there have been two such “protests” in my heavily armed and predominantly white-Christian rural neighborhood. I drove by one of these protests, which had a heavy Sheriff presence, and the protesters were content to smile and wave at people who were driving by them. It was no mystery why these virtue-signalers were eager to demonstrate that they were up to no antics.

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**** #296 Transcript***

What up welcome to Western reckoning doing is a nighttime get all the Lole going that’s pretty cool are you ever stuck your foot in your mouth and lives to regret it. Let me introduce you to Garrett Foster who if I believe in evolution would have the Darwin award from this past weekend here we go. Course the reason why Mr. Foster won the Darwin award was because later that night he got shot. I normally initially I did laugh about that as I am not a fan of black lives matter or European fellows who are virtue signaling whatever and the reasons I can explain our protesting rioting carrying AK-47s around town. In the name of George Floyd of Saint George Floyd but after watching a couple times I’m kind of getting sad about it I am it’s kind of a you know I look at his face and babies drugged out I can’t quite tell maybe he’s just scared and nervous because they are the cameras the guys veteran turns out he he served in the army. Or maybe Marines I’m not sure he did he was it he said that. But not the brightest guy not the brightest guy in the world and I expect more of this type of stuff to come later on down the road because this was in Austin Texas now Seattle Portland Chicago kind of New York you can get away with some barbaric type of behavior because two reasons one you can be reasonably assured that the. Left leaning leader ship in such cities are going to take a very hands off approach you any kind of protesting riots looting burning down buildings etc. everything that we’ve seen over the past two or three months you could also be fairly confident that proportionally many people are not going to be armed once you travel south of the Mason Dixon line whore really aren’t any state. Mason Dixon line I don’t think how many replies I’m not really sure about the the upper Midwest but if you’re in Montana Idaho Colorado I mean probably Colorado definitely Arizona anywhere in the deep South if you’re in Texas Austin Texas now I don’t really believe the Texas is the most strapped state you know in the union it’s not far down the list though and you think it is certainly the state with the reputation of people who carry guns more than any other states out there so you’re in the state capital. Of the gun carrying state brandishing your AK 47 what do you think is going to happen if you are harassing people which is exactly what they were doing there.

For appointing their weapons and harassing I’m going to be in Salt Lake City a few weeks back that I’m going to start a shooting at cars are passing by in the middle of a protest so what this person does cause they’re in Texas and they probably have a Glock in the passenger seat if they start firing back no one knows who fires first and let me be very clear will be very clear if I’m in a certain neighborhood. Any urban neighborhood whatsoever in black lives matter Protestor starts walking towards my car I am putting on the Excelerator and I am not taking my foot off if for whatever reason I am ambush in a dance densely are in a populated area where are you that’s not really an option in the starts running my vehicle and I see a guy with an AK-47 I’m not waiting for him to shoot first. Hi do you know who knows how a quart of law would settle such an issue but now my family comes first I’m taking my life first if I’m by myself I am firing first and yes I always carry my gun with me. Here’s the funny part so I never want to laugh when I see your face and know that the guy died like that’s even if he’s an idiot even if he called people pussies and then got killed later that night which is divine judgment if I may humbly assume that I am. Here’s the funny part let me get this quote right New York Times so eager to make it look like they were just peaceful protesters nine doing their own business let me get the exact quote allies on the blog Mr. Foster who had served in the military was armed but he was not seeking your trouble at the march relatives and witnesses told reporters at the time of the shooting Mr. Foster was pushing his fiancé through the intersection in her wheelchair because she’s a paraplegic like.

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