LGBTQ Community Is Just Like The Straight Community

Remember when gays just wanted to be married so that they could have the same rights and benefits of heterosexual married couples?

There are 1,138 benefits, rights and protections available to married couples in federal law alone, according to a General Accounting Office assessment made in 2004. [86] Benefits only available to married couples include hospital visitation during an illness, the option of filing a joint tax return to reduce a tax burden, access to family health coverage, US residency and family unification for partners from another country, and bereavement leave and inheritance rights if a partner dies. [6] [95] Married couples also have access to protections if the relationship ends, such as child custody, spousal or child support, and an equitable division of property. [93] Married couples in the US armed forces are offered health insurance and other benefits unavailable to domestic partners. [125] The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the US Department of Labor also recognize married couples, for the purpose of granting tax, retirement and health insurance benefits. [126] The US federal government does not grant equivalent benefits to gay couples in civil unions or domestic partnerships. [153] [154] An Oct. 2, 2009 analysis by the New York Times estimated that same-sex couples denied marriage benefits will incur an additional $41,196 to $467,562 in expenses over their lifetimes compared with married heterosexual couples. [7] A Jan. 2014 analysis published by the Atlantic concluded that unmarried women pay up to one million dollars more over their lifetimes than married women for healthcare, taxes, and other expenses. [94]

They’re just like you after all.

Bathrooms, parks, and alleyways also give queers the privacy they need to hook up with each other away from discriminatory parents, partners, and siblings. In his essay “Public Sex,” Pat Califiaargues sexual encounters in tearooms during the 1980s provided an outlet for rural gay men who could not meet and hook up with other men in bars or discriminatory bathhouses. Homoeroticism is so attractive to men across sexualities that the police have to suppress it in order to uphold the heterosexual status quo, Califia writes.

“Why is sex supposed to be invisible? Other pleasurable acts or acts of communication are routinely performed in public—eating, drinking, talking, watching movies, writing letters, studying or teaching, telling jokes and laughing, appreciating fine art. Is sex so deadly, hateful, and horrific that we can’t permit it to be seen?” he writes. “Are naked bodies so ugly or so shameful that we can’t survive the sight of bare tushes or genitals without withering away?”

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***YouTube Show Transcript*** Script here for author’s purposes. Only read if you want a headache.

Hello welcome to Western reckoning I think I just messed up the introduction I think it’s still going to be a good video though yeah I just checked it should still be a good video all around I read this article last week. It was funny and disturbing before we get to that specific article I want to do a little gay time travel a little time travel down the gay rabbit hole and see if you can recall back to I don’t know the exact year or something like 20102011-ish when the gay marriage thing started to become a very prominent issue. In you know in elections in political climate that type of thing and you know I am at the time I add a try remember the year that I kind of formally informally walked away from Christianity which of not a great time in my life but before that I was a little Christian predictably I was a liberal Christian I didn’t grow up that way but. I am allowed myself to be pulled in that direction which was bad and so when the whole get your shoes in the gay marriage nothing came up I think I was like a mini mini people that were very excepting of either like yeah OK I mean it’s not at my house it’s not my business what two people do in the privacy of their own homes and they say they really love each other quite a bit and well gosh darn it onto you about equality in this country after all. Let’s just not be close minded and be hateful towards these great great great people that are just like us they are exactly the same as heterosexual married people because you know besides the fact that they just you know don’t like vaginas or if there a woman they love vaginas and only vaginas and penises penises penises terrify them. So that was like the mentality of most people back and you know they’re just young gay people are just like straight people there just just like each other they just loved it love is love me and love is love and back when black Jesus was still in the White House and we were in peak gay or peak Globohomo. I think a lot that was kind of the the the cultural momentum was certainly swinging in that direction for the games I am I almost had I had trouble finding an article today is originally started typing in mediately part of my mind when when those arguments were being made about equal rides for her for gays and everything was I remember maybe this is wrong. Or am I wrong I mean incorrect I seem to remember people saying like it’s an injustice that to gay men who love each other in our exclusive stable relationship can’t share a bank account that’s bigotry that’s discrimination or why can’t you know game in a lesbian loving nurturing God honoring couple why can’t they file their taxes together. Enjoy though you know that you did joint filing benefits that heterosexual couples enjoy it’s just so discriminatory and I was trying to look for one of those articles I tighten like gay tax argument or whatever and it was always it was all of these. All these articles about like advice for gay people enjoying their ties and I know this is it’s not what I’m stuck I’m stuck and I’m looking for it so I finally found something like a pro con argument that was a reminiscent of the day see if you remember these type of arguments from yesterday year there are 1138 benefits rights and rotations available to a married couples in federal law loan according to a general accounting office assessment made in 2004 but I was only available to married couples include hospital visitation during an illness the option of filing a joint tax return to reduce the tax burden access to family health coverage US residency and family unification for partners from another country and bereavement leave and inherit his rights of a partner dies married couples also have access to protections if the relationship and such as chai. Child custody spousal or child support and an equitable division of property married couples in the US Armed Forces are offered health insurance and other benefits unavailable to domestic partners the Internal Revenue Service IRS and the US department of labor also recognize married couples for the purpose of granting tax retirement and health insurance benefits do US federal government does not grant equivalent benefits to gay couples and civil unions are domestic partnerships And I Tobar 2 blah00 blah our9 area. analysis by the New York Times estimator that same sex couples denied marriage benefits will incur an additional $41,196-$467,562 in expenses over their lifetimes compared with Mary Holmes heterosexuals carpals not taking into account aids treatment oh I just inserted that one and January 2014 analysis published by the Atlantic concluded that unmarried women pay up to $1 million more over their lifetimes and married women for a healthcare taxes and the other is OK so that was. Rather extended obviously. But it was those kind of arguments OK without throwing in the rhetoric in there if you’re not terribly familiar with the gay community in general if you’re that kind of stuff especially if you’re not religious you’re just like well that’s stupid like why can’t the gauge is out there sharing a bank account I don’t care whatever let him say they’re married even a lot of Christians who might think that you know homosexuality is. That’s good still might’ve been very apathetic about it because like what what’s the big deal I can start my house in this is another case of individual rights destroying us thinking as individuals instead of as communities yeah what are the people that were. Not staunchly against it we’re like video. I say that because I read this article the other day I don’t think it started out this way. Let me just read a few few exerts of the remarkable pros that takes place is remember. The LGBT community is just like you did just like heterosexual couples article titled public sex is at the center of queer culture war can I be honest I don’t know what queer meets I will I thought I knew a queer means because whenever we were growing up and I’m not gonna necessarily confess that it was a derogatory term because Ryan YouTube but a yeah I thought queer and gay or queer and lesbian was the same thing. After reading this article and obviously it’s not because it has a different little letter on the LGBTQ thing. I am not sure I know what it means is it just like we are gay like it’s queer like you’re gay but queer also like your kind of strange I am like is gay just like do you like your normal upstanding you know is the marketing guy who likes to sleep with guys like the queer person is the. Heroin attic that’s a lifelong bartender when he or she can hold down a job and a dress and dress I don’t know I don’t maybe I just don’t understand this is how this is an excerpt from this lovely really long article about public sex in the LGBT community bathrooms parks and alleyways also give queers the privacy they need to hook up with each other away from discriminatory parents partners and siblings and his essay public sex Pat I’m not gonna try sexual encounters and tea rooms during the 1980s provided an outlet for a gay man who could not meet and hook up with other men and bars or discriminatory bathhouses Homo erotic schism is so attracted to men because across sexualities. To cry that the police have to suppress it in order to uphold heterosexual status quo Khalifa right cliffy arise. Why a sex supposed to be invisible other pleasurable lax or acts of communication are routinely performed in public eating drinking talking watching movies writing letters studying or teaching telling jokes and laughing appreciating fine art is sex so deadly hateful and horrific that we can’t permitted to be seen he writes our naked bodies so ugly you’re so shameful that we can’t survive the site a bear touches her genitals without weathering away. In case you think that’s the end of the quarter by the way in case you think that that was the that this article is some kind of his job about public sex yeah it is not in fact there were different parts of this article oh remember back to a few minutes ago we were talking about health of the LGBTQ community just wanted just wanted to be like heterosexual man they just they just they just really want to be equal Equality that’s all anybody wants me just want to be equal man. All right so remember that the good portion of this article is talking about how now our gay queer sex needs to be equal with heterosexual sex and if you’re like me and you’re like OK what the hell does that mean. The apparently in a case of massive projection the queer community things that heterosexual married couples just have sex outside all the time like that’s just what you know its is perfectly normal like you don’t have sex in your car have sex and Anna hello no bathroom stall have sex and the words just go outside and have sex have sex in a park have sex you know in front of strangers like this they consider that a thing because they do this that everyone does this now I’m not going to say that I’ve never done it in a public place before. What makes it a note from her from a heterosexual point of you what makes those moments so unique is the fact that they are unique that there are there are there are outliers that is weird. We don’t we don’t do that all the time now should I just really really really really really a freak or something. Yeah so the quality that is being asked for is that just like as you can see in this little eyes are bright here is that it needs to be mandated that gay people having sex outside just hit the stigmas about it just need to go away and if your son your son first of all your sons and daughter she just look at it it’s not that bad it’s not that bad and if they really just can’t deal with it then it should just look away it’s not the gay peoples problems that. You don’t like the way that they look as they have sex with each other. So why bring this up it’s a lesson in what happens when you capitulate there is a very ingrained. Let me take a sip of coffee first. There is a very ingrained behavior particularly amongst Europeans. People of European dissent. Who do to a bastardization of Christian teachings about in a forbearance patience and turning the other cheek. I’m not saying that it is a correct interpretation of Christianity at all I’m saying that it is a misinterpretation but nevertheless there is a tendency to look the other way to give people the benefit of the doubt we call this high trust no people wait you know white Europeans are our high trust societies we don’t we assume that’s. If you know the people don’t wish I was harm which might be a perspective that is finally dying a much-needed death in 2020. But you don’t give an inch to things that you disagree with it let’s talk about the whole privacy argument that makes no sense to me it only has brought up with two things that I’m aware of one is sexual behavior any type of sexual behavior. What do you do with the privacy of your own home is fine or drugs which he was probably the same crowd were talking about that. Yo you wanna do drugs and you’re in your own house that’s that’s fine whatever like you would what I get it that is like the first level like OK so if I want to know let me know when you get uncomfortable go. Hi I want to I want to slaughter know you don’t want to kill my own chickens and cook them at my house oh OK that’s that’s a little too you know little old Timey but that’s good to go I want to kill chickens at my own house but I really like to draw it out over time a little bit. I want to mean it’s there they’re your chickens I mean that’s that’s kind of assistance through weird but you know once again you know it’s your chickens you’re doing it at your house for him. I like to torture chickens before either OK well that’s that’s a little strange but I mean once again it’s it’s it’s your your property I kill other people in my house for fun. Why does an argument hold up well now that’s that’s just that’s wrong that’s that’s that’s that’s evil that’s your that’s your doing that to to somebody else OK I you know I agree with that so we can agree that something that happens in you know I’ll put in the privacy of someone’s on home. Is not necessarily good and if anybody is affected in a negative way it’s still wrong very much so who all is good it’s different with different with you no drugs in with with no with alternative sexual lifestyles because you know the people that did the people in that scenario there are there are there are there consensual OK. You do realize that probably like 80% of pedophiles when they’re questioned insist in cyst. That the that the child wants to be hard but they don’t say harmed the child wants to be loved as sick as that is the fields grossest you free for me to say that that you realize I say that right well yeah that’s not it that’s not that’s not a start to send an adult child they don’t they don’t have no they’re confused OK. What about a wife or do you know is 2020 man so what about you Noah you know where all the FM in a gay relationship or a wife and a heterosexual is what happens if they like to be beaten that doesn’t happen oh it doesn’t. It happens. Well Devin just wanted the whole logic behind it is retard the whole logic behind what happens in the privacy of your own home is. Is this stupid in what it fails to acknowledge places individualism on his pedestal and says hey you know we all have our individual rights in the worst thing that could happen is that someone would have to sacrifice their behavior so that the greater population. Couldn’t be benefited basically were catering to the one percent to the 99% suffer. I forget who said it but it’s true regardless says no man is an island we are communal beings we affect each other and even something that you do to yourself that you think that you are italicize that you have the right to do to yourself let’s look like drug abuse. It has an effect on you and therefore it has an effect on everybody you interact with. So the abuse that you do to yourself doesn’t just happen to yourself it happens to everybody could you come in contact with you sucking at life and choosing to abuse yourself abuses me if I have to be around you enough I’m not saying that like oh I’m a victim because of you were anything like that but it’s true. You’re a dad who does anything illegal per say I say he can if he goes to work he provides for his family but after his do you know after he gets off of work every day he goes to the bar and gets shitfaced drunk shit faced drunk belligerent drunk. Comes home doesn’t abuse kids doesn’t yell at his kids but because he’s a happy content drunk drunk type he just completely doesn’t he’s not involved. Involved in his kids life she has no parental overt parental effect on his children that is a form of abuse there’s actually change that scenario he doesn’t go to a bar he just comes home address you doing in the privacy of his own home he’s not affecting anybody on the outside he’s just screwing up his whole life because we are a community of people by him screwing up his own life he’s not only is definitely screwing up his wife’s life he’s definitely screwing up his children’s life and in all likelihood with that hangover the next morning in the abuse that he’s doing to his body when he goes back to work he’s probably having a very negative affect on all of his coworkers lives you are not an individual that is a great fly. You are one member in a community of people unless you are a hermit monk living in the woods by yourself but even then we don’t necessarily understand the the fabric of reality and how interconnector we all are I’ll never forget. I am out who wrote it is not important but they were making a point about visiting. What’s the name of that monastery in Kentucky Gethsemane the one that Thomas Merton was at necessarily endorsing all of Thomas Merton stuff but you know these people visited this Trappist monk the Catholic monk monastery in Kentucky and these guys live very secluded lives know basically all they do most days is pray. Get food and I think they make bourbon fudge for the cool part about Catholics you know but think the guy who is visiting he was writing an article about his experience that this is temporary stay at this monastery he was acknowledging that he’s like hey you know these guys don’t even necessarily interact with each other very much let alone interact with the wider world being in a monastery all they do is pray all day and yet he said that there was a. You could feel like trying to describe it in spiritual terms you could feel the impact that they were having on the world and I think he said something like this. He felt that without peoples living that kind of dedicated life to show you how to God to spirituality that they were kind of holding the world together. And I believe that not necessarily giving a full endorsement to your monastery living or secluded living but you know why just because. You know the spiritual effects of pizza pizza we have on people that we will never meet is probably still profound. That was a really long tangent let’s go back to to to where we started. You don’t give an inch and realize we all have an effect on each other. And stop saying it’s not my business it is your business and stop believing in the live equality equality is always the Trojan horse that comes into the city before they start making you sleeps which is exactly what is happening right now. No I you were about we are already in a phase with supreme court ruling said I have a maid where you were really at a technical disadvantage in our workforce. By being a heterosexual you’re not in a protected class no one has to hire you your disposable. 211 whenever somebody is asking for a quality what they’re really asking is to be your master whenever you see someone begging for a quality when I say I just want to enjoy the same benefits as you you have to realize whether they know it or not they are lying but they are really saying is can I be your master I want to be your master I need you to give me your power so that you can be my master. Hey guys this is been washing reckoning I hope you have a great day.

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