Neon Revolt’s Apostasy, Red-Pills & Rabbit Holes, Foundations Of Sand

Neon Revolt appears to be melting at the core.

I can’t believe in God any more. I just don’t believe any more. I want to, but find myself incapable. Years upon years of unanswered prayers stacked on top of revelations by Q, and frankly, the behavior of so-called Christians who’ve felt the need to blast me during this time… it’s literally beaten any lingering faith out of me because I just don’t see God in any one or any thing. I see absence. I see an empty void. I see a god who lets infants get raped and murdered and cannibalized and sits idly by. I see vestiges of an ancient Cannanite religion morphing through the ages into something unrecognizable, complete with its own mythology and bogus ideas about the natural order. I see El being nothing more than a desert idol yet somehow surviving past every other diety with whom he shared a pantheon, into the modern world, and I see clueless masses unaware of any of this.

A claim to not believe in God because of the pain in the world is one of the classic arguments of atheism. It is also, by far, the most retarded. After all, without a God, any type of moral claims are void. A person can only start postulating that certain phenomena should or should not occur if there is some other standard to compare it to. In a godless world, all phenomena simply exist. Specifically in Darwinian materialism, all phenomena are the result of an infinitely long string of nihilistic chemical reactions. Choice is an illusion. Morality is subjective preference.

The experience of pain as a clue to morality in godless world is also chasing the wind. Pain is part and parcel of the air we breathe from the diverse experiences of child-birth to endeavoring towards a noble goal to being water boarded. Without a worldview in place, pain’s good or evil is, once again, just another subjective preference.

On some deeper level, Neon is likely aware of all of this.

I’ve recently finished Neon’s Q Revolution and would give it mixed reviews. On one hand, he is an unbelievably diligent researcher. On the other hand, his book suffered terribly from a lack of editing. The book is easily twice as long as it needs to be given the material it covers. And most of the fluff is Neon rambling on about his personal life. His tangents were not always uninteresting, but they were always completely unnecessary from a thesis perspective. He pridefully needed to interject himself into the narrative so as to play a major role in the drama of Q. His identity is deeply intertwined with this narrative. When the Q worldview suffers, Neon suffers.

This is not uncommon for people who traverse rabbit holes. At first, discovering some hidden knowledge is invigorating. It gives one a new perspective on the world. There is also a tendency towards the sin of pride as a red-piller believes that they were smart enough to see through the illusion. Then they look for more rabbit holes and red pills, which leads to more invigoration and more pride. And at a certain point, like a junky whose body has become accustomed to their drug of choice, the need for more rabbit holes continues but the high of the temporary invigoration wears off. This leads to over-consuming information without critically evaluating it. The person will then feel “lost” because they no longer know what they believe. Often unaware, they became a Neo-gnostic, which is a foundation of sand.

Knowledge puffs up. But love builds up.

While I never lost my faith in a God, I did lose my faith in Jesus for a season. This loss was also due to a version of neo-Gnosticism. What I learned in my time away about the mistakes I had made that led to my loss of faith was that Christianity is not being a smart boy. Rather, the joy of faith is about subjecting oneself to humble obedience.

When you start telling God what He should do, then you are claiming to be wiser than the master of the universe. This is the opposite of humility. The cure to the sin of pride is to stop thinking that you are special. You are not. God does not need anymore Messiahs. If you feel despair, then consider the fact that you what you think you know is incorrect.

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