More Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Pedophilia & Cannibalism (Part 2)

I already did a post about Chrissy Teigen and John Legend this week. I would recommend reading that article quickly to give you the full picture of how evil these people are. And in much the same vein as that post, John Legend is only really implicated in this terrible pedophilic death cult because he happened to marry a brazen idiot for a wife. But since Legend did marry a solipsistic psychopath and is therefore implicated in all the same activities, his name stays in the title.

Some of the elements covered here today are novel, but mostly they give a fuller picture of how sick these fucks really are. If you’re new to all of this, the theory goes that our American elite- of which the Hollywood “Stars” are an instrumental part as a propaganda arm- are a part of a demonic cult. The aspect of this cult certainly include satanic worship rituals, child abduction, human trafficking, and brutal pedophilia. It almost certainly also includes child sacrifice and cannibalism. And with all of this, we are simply discussing their sick worship rituals. How these elites treat the masses they oversee is a whole another list of heinous crimes. Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, the Obamas, the Clintons, Hollywood, and many others… all form one large group.

I posted a number of Chrissy Teigen’s pedophilic tweets already, but here are a few more that came to my attention. And one tweet, you’ll notice, signals another vice of these demonic elites.

If all of this seems over the top to you, and you’re wondering “Why would they be so open about this if they were serious?” Then remember this brazen immorality-signaling largely took place during the Obama administration. The elites in this country believed that they had consolidated power for good. Forever. They never thought Hillary was going to lose in 2016. Whoever was going to take power, in their minds, would protect them.

A few more things.

Remember that controversial secretive Obama “Wonderland” Party threw back in 2009? The one was that super-shady and allegedly a coverup for one of these demon-worshipping cult gatherings.


I also thought this article was rather interesting as well. Guilty conscience, Chrissy?

Teigen, later also took to Instagram Stories to tell her followers about her horrifying nightmares. She said, “I know this sounds insane but I think I have some kind of ghost or evil spirit and I have the worst nightmares.” “I will go to bed super early and I will sleep so long and I will wake up soaking wet because I have just the most terrible nightmare. It’s always the same nightmare,” she added. Though she did not reveal what her nightmares were, she added that they were definitely ruining her life and made her sleep in a different room. 

And lastly, I stumbled across this little video last night. It’s from Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram profile and is a picture of her “Moon Child” Luna (See my earlier post for explanation of this reference). Since this video will certainly be scrubbed soon, I decided to record and upload the video.

“Red or dead. Red or dead. All the people are red or dead.”

It’s a rather haunting nursery rhyme for a 3 year-old, at that time, to be singing.

Teigen recently scrubbed 60,000 of her tweets because there was nothing interesting to see there. She claimed that she did so because she is tired of all of this conspiracy non-sense and is afraid for her family’s well-being. While a bit misleading, this motive is completely genuine. Teigen’s past of displaying her depravity for all the world to see has made her a lightning rod of exposing research. Her and her family’s lives are in danger as they become a liability to the cabal. It would not surprise me at all if some “accident” happens in the next month or so to the Teigen/Legend household.

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