Calling The Police On POC’s Is Racist. Got it, Karen?

Karen has surpassed meme-hood and been enshrined as woke law.

Every White Woman… According to Shamman Walton

As viral videos continue to show 911 calls being leveraged to threaten people of color, a San Francisco supervisor has introduced a new proposal to criminalize discriminatory emergency calls.

Supervisor Shamann Walton, who introduced the legislation Tuesday, calls it the CAREN Act. The acronym stands for Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies, but the proposal seems to carry more meaning.

The name “Karen” has been used on social media to identify antagonistic, entitled white women. More recently, the label has been applied to those caught on video showing a prejudicial bias toward people of color, particularly calling police while exhibiting a false sense of distress.

“Within the last month and a half in the Bay Area, an individual called the police on a Black man who was dancing and exercising on the street in his Alameda neighborhood and a couple called the police on a Filipino man stenciling ‘Black Lives Matter’ in chalk in front of his own residence in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights,” Walton said in a news release.

He noted that California law made filing false police reports illegal but explained that his legislation went further by designating discriminatory 911 calls as hate crimes and providing civil remedy for people harmed by such calls.

“Under existing laws,” Walton said, “there are no consequences for people who make fraudulent emergency calls based on the perception of another individual to be a threat due to their race, religion, ethnicity, religious affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or outward appearance.”

California Assemblyman Rob Bonta, who represents Oakland and serves as assistant majority leader, proposed similar legislation at the statehouse. An amendment to his AB 1550 bill would also designate discriminatory calls as hate crimes and provide civil remedy for those harmed.

“We must not allow people to use our 911 and law enforcement systems as weapons for hate,” Bonta said. “If you are afraid of a black family barbecuing in the community park, a man dancing and doing his normal exercise routine in the bike lane or someone who asks you to comply with dog leash laws in a park, and your immediate response is to call the police, the real problem is with your own personal prejudice.”

Let’s just skip over the ‘Democrats Are The Real Racists’ routine where I would acknowledge the hypocrisy of creating a law named after white women that was purportedly to prevent racism. It’s 2020, we all know at this stipulation has nothing to do with raycissm.

On the plus side for the Bay Area, if people are scared to call the police on POC’s, then the volume of 911 phone calls will drop heavily. This will allow the San Francisco to save budget money on 911 operators. Additionally, it will allow the Police to focus on those terrible white people crimes like driving 40 mph in a 30 mph zone or claiming too much charitable donations on their taxes. At the very least, SFPD will have more time to shovel homeless man shit off the sidewalk. Plus, according to liberal logic, if crimes are not being reported, well golly-gee, crime is probably-most-likely-certainly not happening at all.

I love the examples of the cited racist 911 calls. I’m sure that most of the phone calls made regarding POC’s in the bay area regard exercising outside or conducting barbeques. I’m sure none of those phone calls were reporting instances of robbery or gunshots. No, those Karens were just trying to stop the black man from enjoying his ‘que.

Of course, this ordinance is not exactly without its loopholes, even with one of the basic questions that 911 operators ask being “What is the perpetrator’s race?” (Although, we can safely assume that question has gotta go, too.)

“911, what’s your emergency?”

“Yes, there is a person walking around my neighborhood and he has a gun. Oh my God, I’m scared, please send help!”

“I see. What race does this man appear to be?”

“…Tanned…. Lots of tan.”

“Excuse me? I thought you said… ‘Tan.’ Could you clarify?”

“Uh. Um. There’s just a lot of melanin. His grandmother is probably Italian or something.”

If that doesn’t work, then white women can do their best Laquonda impersonation on the 911 call. Although, it should be noted, it might still be rayciss if black people call the police on other black people.

This is all a vain attempt to control what people feel comfortable saying out lout with the further goal of controlling what people literally think. This is stupid, of course, as this act of repression often creates the need for people to express their thoughts all the more vehemently, sometimes through rebellious action. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Instead, let’s acknowledge that this silly ordinance is not just a one-off.

From Reddit:

Translation: “POC are never bad or do anything wrong. Like ever. Got it?”

This all made me think about the Oscars a few years back when people were protesting that there were not enough black people in major roles, which completely ignored the fact that they were already overrepresented in film according to their population. This new “POC = Good” line of thinking, if applied to Hollywood, would effectively ban blacks and all other minorities from 50% of the roles they would be eligible for.

I can’t wait to see how the meme gods circumvent this ordinance on Reddit. That is, as long as Reddit is still around.

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