Many Teachers Are Lazy And Indoctrinated Idiots: Homeschool Or Die

I was not surprised at all the other day when I read a headline about North Carolina’s homeschool registration site crashing due to being overwhelmed with applications. And while the high-volume of applications in that locale are certainly the result of an irrational fear of COVID as well as the uncertainty of whether the North Carolina schools will even open in the fall, I don’t think those causes tell the whole the story. Rather, I think the COVID shutdown experience exposed just how broke our public education system is. I believe people were already fed up with how terrible schools have been and seeing the complete lackadaisical effort by most teachers and school administrators around the country was the straw that broke the camels back.

Homeschoolers tend to have diverse reasons for opting to educate their children. Some parents don’t want to stick their kids with needles in order to gain admission into the public schools. Others are worried that their children will be bullied in a system that will not care for them. Still other parents are rightly concerned that their children will be indoctrinated with terrible values. A concern that queen dum dum confirms in the first video above.

However, it is a surprisingly new motive that parents would choose to keep their kids home in order that they could receive a superior education. Few parents have realized, up until COVID that is, just how stupid and lazy most educators are. There are plenty of exceptions to that rule, but the standard remains. It may come as a surprise to many parents to learn that people who major in education learn how to teach in college and not what to teach. If the teachers have to be masters of any subject material it is the woke values of Globohomo. Hell, even math is not safe. MATH.

Not only is this brilliant intellect a PhD student, but also a teacher.

The ineffectualness of our education system was exposed to normies for what it is during COVID shutdown as most districts opted for an early and extended summer vacation. Classroom work was optional for the most part. Teachers were absent for feedback or educational support. And if you were a child lucky enough to live in Seattle’s school district, you were given an A-grade regardless of whether you did school work or not. It is no small wonder then that CHOP arose organically in that particular city.

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