QAnon Trending, Gen. Flynn’s Endorsement, Epstein Island Flight Log

I’m relatively new to the world of QAnon, but it seems as if something significant is about the transpire. Last night, QAnon was trending on Twitter. The social media company is fairly reliable at suppressing any conservative topics being promoted on its forum unless that topic is deemed sanitary by the gatekeepers. Last night, when I investigated this unusual trend, the posts were seeming to come exclusively from “Resistance!” accounts denouncing QAnon as a ridiculous Conspweeracee Tierrweee.

Such is a is an example.

It doesn’t help Chrissy “not-very-attractive” Teigen’s case that she is alleged to be apart of the cult that Q is exposing. More on that below.

It should be noted that when re-checking the trending posts this morning, it did seem the Right was determined to balance the thread, so there quite a few pro-Q posts.

While we cannot be certain, this trending hashtag was likely started by the Resistance as a preventative measure against people looking into QAnon. Why? Well, on July 4th, Gen. Michael Flynn tweeted this, which seems to be a very strong endorsement of Q.

“The oath” seems a bit strange, albeit patriotic, and so it fits the occasion for Independence Day. That is, until you get to the last line: “Where we go one, we go all.” Often abbreviated in social media as, #WWG1WGA, this is Q’s call sign and rallying cry. While theoretically there could be other reasons for Flynn to post such a statement, it would be difficult to think of a clearer way for him to endorse the movement without coming right out and saying so. Keep in mind, Flynn is also considered a fairly significant player in QAnon’s revelations among the forces fighting for good. This subject is not unrelated to him.

Why Flynn chose to post this when he did brings us to the realm of speculation. However, it could very much be related to the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell. It could be a warning shot that he knows what’s coming. And as far as what has been relayed to us up until now, Maxwell has still refrained from committing “suicide.” We’ll see.

And oh by the way, an alleged Epstein Island flight log was recently released. You might recognize a few names on there…

And in case you don’t like reading and would prefer a visual instead…

Hmmm, perhaps this would explain Hollywood’s visceral reaction to the election of President Trump. They knew that he knew. They knew it was only a matter of time before he got them and they did their best to prevent it.

“For he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain.”

#WWG1WGA #GenFlynn #Epstein #GhislaineMaxwell #QAnon #DonaldTrump

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