Babies In A Bag: Avoid The Sin Of Being A Parent

Browsing my way through Twitter last night I noticed a disturbing video. Sometimes we simply know that something is evil without being able to adequately explain it, although, of course, I will still try.

Human farming, in a nutshell.

The first thing that jumps out is how the video producers try to normalize and promote it. There are no warnings or wariness to be found. The music is optimistic and the characters are full of hope. The general ambiance is worship. We are meant to worship and marvel at this new wonderful prophecy in the cult of science, as it is embarking to solve another terrible problem: pregnancy.

Here’s where I can articulate evil a bit definitively. Why is pregnancy such a “problem”? What was once thought of as a miracle is now an encumbrance. I’m certainly not arguing that pregnancy is easy- least of all, from a dude’s perspective- but are not the difficult trials not the most rewarding? We live in the age of rampant feminism. Pregnancy no longer is the glory of a woman’s existence. It is the unfair but necessary burden that the couple needs to delegate to an automated sub-contractor so that the would-be mother can get to down to her real purpose of that accounting job and stalking Instagram.

At a certain point, we must conclude that no one wants to live in a world where parents love their children so little that they will not take the time to carry them. After all, if the couple does not love the child enough for the mother to carry him, then surely this child is destined to be raised by Netflix, subsidized daycare, and the public school system. In fact, that’s exactly what this method of procreation is: it’s daycare for the womb. It’s child abuse in the form of neglect as the child is literally being formed.

We can only imagine that the spiritual issues these bag babies would encounter in life. Psychopaths? Likely. Self-loathing? Surely. Even when limiting the repercussions to the child’s own cognitive self-awareness it seems bleak. The child who finds out that no mother carried him would feel attached to nothing. He was never connected to a mother, so he would never connect to anyone else in the world. He would be an alien in his own existence.

And I am being generous in assuming that a “couple” would be making this decision together. Plenty of single mommy’s- and yes, single daddy’s, too- would choose this road for lack of finding a suitable mate. And while there are some single-parents in the world of exceptional character, let’s be honest and say in this scenario that it would not be those most godly of individuals who would be taking this route.

Lastly, as far as spiritual and social implications go, we can speculate this would be marketed under some fempowerment marketing campaign. “Tired of pregnancy weighing your career down? Just throw your juice into our cocktail incubator and voila! You’ll have the time to become CEO!” However, the longterm ramifications would likely be disastrous for women. In a world where technology can also “solve the problem” of sexual intimacy via porn, virtual reality, and sex-robots, what exactly would men need women for? I’m not saying this genuinely, of course, as I believe the marriage union mimics the beauty of the relationship between Christ and his Church. Aside from monasticism, marriage is the optimal path for spiritual growth. But, in a godless world, men would fool themselves into thinking they don’t need women (Looking your way, MGTOW). And as the more aggressive and violent gender, men might be tempted to actually subjugate, or decimate, the female the population.

The caption I placed on the article when I posted it in SG was “Sometimes I think technology is evil.” In this modern world, we are tempted and conditioned to believe that technology is always for our benefit. In the cult of modernity, God the father is Science and the salvific Messiah is technology, which will deliver us from the sins of our inconveniences. To be clear, I do not think that technology is evil, but that does not either mean that I believe tech is good. We seem designed to pursue advancement and I cannot conceive of a world where we do not attempt to extend ourselves through the tools we create. I was a minimalist once, until I considered the fact that minimalists even utilize shovels and hammers. Technology is ubiquitous. But, what determines a tech’s virtue is for what purpose it was created. I can conceive of no good purpose of growing human beings, made in the image of God, in plastic bags.

P.S.- Notice some funny moments in this demonic promotion, like the couple in it. While the soy boy father is reasonably handsome, he is uncomfortably shorter than the mother.

Oh, and then there’s the pre-packaged green ooze for the baby food.

The tech cult is suffering from a dearth of imagination.

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