Abortion Experience Is Sexist Towards Unfemales

The greatest tragedy of clown world is an inability to properly detect satire.

The extremely gendered experience of being pregnant and having an abortion was difficult. The paperwork I had to fill out and the brochures I received were gendered — even the ones meant to be empowering. There was no understanding of my identity, no box for me to check. When it came to my care, it was refreshing when some of the staff were respectful of my identity and pronouns. Others were less so, and one even used my deadname because she saw the wrong name on the medical chart, and not the note that had my actual name. It was an accident and she apologized when she realized, but it still hurt.

I knew being pregnant didn’t make me a woman, but societal messaging around pregnancy is so gendered that being surrounded by it led me to experience some gender dysphoria. This messaging extends to conversations around abortion. Until I learned the experience was not uncommon, I found myself completely disconnecting from it in order to survive.

For too long woman have had exclusive control over who is born. They alone have carried fetuses in their in their biologically sexist incubators while other genders have been forced to watch powerlessly. Many little non-female humans grow up longing to feel that life growing inside them. That bonding that could only take place between a parent and their child. And, of course, delivering the child into this world, which makes the child believe the mother is more “loving” than the unfemale parent.

What else can we call this besides an oppressive Matriarchy?

Non-female parents, since the dawn of time and despite their baby-bearing aspirations, have been forced to the sidelines. In ancient times, as midwives and birthing mothers were privileged enough to go on their birthing retreat and make a miracle happen, the other-gendered parent would be banished away from the experience and grieve with other non-females about how they would never be able to carry a life within them. In more recent decades, unfemales have been forced into isolation chambers while their “wives” were in labor where their only comfort was the nicotine hit of cigarettes. Even most recently, as non-females had managed to lobby their way into the delivery room, they were still painfully relegated to observe the labor experience in emotional isolation, only being allowed to come so close to what had been withheld from them for so long.

But now times have changed. Thanks to wonderful god of woke-science and the narcissistic embrace of subjective reality, other genders too can become pregnant.

After crossing that Rubicon, however, unfemales were quickly blindsided by another level of oppression. As this article shows, the beautiful experience of murdering a child has also belonged exclusively to the matriarchy. From leaving children exposed, to tossing them out of balconies, or allowing doctors to vacuum out those unwanted invaders from their bodies, it has always been a woman’s right to choose.

One day, we will finally have our equality. One day, anyone will be able to walk into a child slaughter clinic and be treated as a full human being. One day, the matriarchy will be torn down. We have come so far, but we still have so much farther to go! #Equality

But really, I don’t think that I can put it better than Roosh, who in turn, who could do no better than Paul.

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