GOP Releases New Ad Linking Black Lives Matter To Marxism

The GOP released a new ad targeting Black Lives Matter.

The ad is excellent. It is succinct and directly ties a Black Lives Matter founder to an ideology that roughly half of Americans abhor. It links notable Democrat figures- Pelosi, AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Joe Biden- with the current destruction that is taking place in America. Lastly, the ad ends by attempting to rewrite the current narrative that is being propagated by the Left that these riots are about justice. They are not, and it correctly assess that they are about the destruction of America. It is excellent rhetoric by itself. It makes the typical American who longs for normalcy and stability- people who have jobs and children- to want to trust Republicans because they are not the party of looting stores, defunding police departments, and toppling statues. As Tucker Carlson pointed out last week, given what Republicans have delivered on over the past few decades- as opposed to their many empty promises- this trust in stability is the only reason many people vote for the GOP. After all, Republicans have endorsed gay marriage, made little if any ground on abortion, have started numerous (and pointless) foreign wars, robbed the middle-class by supporting third world immigration and free trade… I could go on. To summarize, people only vote for the GOP because they are less insane than their Democrat counterparts.

And that leads directly into why the ad’s rhetoric may not be as effective as it could have been given the last few weeks events. Aristotle wrote extensively about rhetoric and correctly pointed out that one important dynamic in the art of persuasion is how the audience perceives the character of a speaker, which in this case is the GOP. He concluded that a speaker of upstanding character, or at least a speaker who is seen to be strong and reliable, will be much more persuasive in their arguments than a person of ill repute.

Here lies the problem for Republicans. On one hand, it’s great that they are a bunch of smart boys who can read a Wikipedia page and expose Marxists. But we don’t want a bunch of smart boys. We want a bunch of strong boys. We want a party who will not just say “Look at those bad people!” We want a party who will stand up to stop them.

In fact, the viewer can see the handicap that is crippling the GOP within the commercial itself. It is not overt. Hell, I didn’t even notice it the first time that I watched it. But, did you notice in the ad that those who were devastated by the riots were exclusively black individuals? SMH. The GOP will not squash the riots because some black people will be offended and call them rayciss. And this matters, in case you were wondering, because the GOP really really cares about winning the black vote. No one can quite explain why winning the vote of this 13% of the populations matters, but the GOP really wants it. Even if it logically necessitates they burn the 60% voting block by doing so, which is white America. And oh by the way, all of their cucking to this 13% does nothing to help him with that voting demo.

Observe below.

I’m not a big believer in polls. I saw how unreliable they were in 2016. But the general trends presented here are likely accurate relative to themselves.

Notice that Trump is bleeding ground with white males while simultaneously still losing ground with minorities. It’s death because civic nationalism, which leads to such prostrations at the altar of diversity, fails to recognize the fundamental truth that politics is identity.

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