Following Your Gut With Vaccines

When my son was a born a few years ago, I thought it an appropriate time to study vaccines. It did not take long for me to decide against having doctors administer these bogus shots. I can credit the now “canceled” documentary Vaxxed for pushing me over the edge against immunizations. After watching the film, I began to not only see the harm in vaccines but also realize the corrupt motivations behind Big Pharma as a whole.

But even before I saw this documentary I found myself biased against immunizations. Most of my inherent distrust against them was concerned with how unnatural they seemed as a form of medicine and how many vaccines were required to by loyal to the CDC’s standards. The number of required shots seems to increase by the day and many of them are administered at the same time. Visualizing such an experience brought up images of mad scientists conducting nefarious experiments on unwilling victims. My gut was telling me “no.” And while intuition can certainly be incorrect at times, I have found it be a reliable guide when it is protesting loud enough.

In case you think that my initial fears were exaggerated projections.

When I stumbled across this video it was all the more haunting because this child resembles my son, as does the cadence of his cries. Now children cry for all sorts of irrational reasons, but they usually only do so when they are afraid. And what could induce more fear than strangers repeatedly sticking needles into your appendages?

I’m glad that I did more research to get a fuller picture, but following your gut can be a decent guide and an excellent catalyst. Fifteen seconds of video footage cannot give a full grasp of a controversial subject, but I would be surprised if the above images do not startle you. And if they do startle you and you have never researched vaccines, then perhaps allow this footage child torture to motivate you to look into the subject.

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