Bubba Wallace Hoax: The FBI Has Time To Investigate Slip Knots

To absolutely no one’s surprise, it turns out the “Noose” that was left in NASCAR racer Bubba Wallace’s garage was a simple slip knot used to open garage doors.

After days of wall-to-wall media coverage and nationwide sympathy for Wallace over the incident, the FBI concluded Tuesday that the noose had been in the Talladega Superspeedway garage stall since October 2019 and that no federal hate crime had been committed.

To echo Vox Day’s sentiments expressed on his blog, I am amazed that the FBI concluded this, but’s lets not go down that rabbit hole.

A more relevant matter to be amazed about is that the FBI was involved in this at all. Was there a crime committed? Was someone harmed? Was there even an alleged note left with then slipknot to indicate hateful intent. As Tucker Carlson aptly pointed out, the country is burning, but the federal government has the time and resources apparently to send fifteen FBI agents to investigate a piece of rope. Because nazis.

But when NASCAR and the media give this type of coverage, I suppose you have to send in the feds to investigate. After all, a black guy’s feelings were hurt. Bubba wept. We all saw it on national television. And when black people cry, we have to send in the Feds. No resources can be spared to solve the crime of black feelings hurt. Additionally, we are led to believe that NASCAR doesn’t have enough financial interest in their race cars to simply install surveillance cameras in their garages so that they could investigate incidences like this themselves. These types of cameras are so cheap they have become common features outside lower-income housing.

Black people are moral agents. Black people are responsible for their own decisions. There are plenty of black people who would not have taken the ticket to garner sympathy and be a SJW like Bubba Wallace has become. Last week, he protested, so NASCAR cucked and had the confederate flag banned from all race events. An act of absolute betrayal to the people who are soley responsible for NASCAR’s financial viability. He also wore an “I Can’t Breathe” shirt. This guy is pathetic.

It’s not easy being black in America, but not for the reason they commonly tell you. The real difficulty is that every black person, and especially every black celebrity, is offered a choice: You can keep your integrity and be called a coon or you take the ticket and be a victim. This reality isn’t entirely black culture’s fault as the (((elites))) are the ones who initially cultivated it. Nevertheless, every person must make a choice.

Bubba chose to take the ticket. He chose to be a chump and a victim.

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