AOC & The Culture War: A Workshop On How To Win

If you’ve never read this blog, I’ll inform you that I am not a fan of AOC’s politics nor her character. Nevertheless, I think she understands how to conduct war by a different means on a more comprehensive level than the few politicians who I happen to admire. I don’t want to give Cortez too much credit, because I don’t think she learned these tactics by being a seasoned veteran. Nor did she learn them from being a dedicated student of political theory or from growing up in a rough neighborhood (because she didn’t grow up in such a neighborhood).

The explanation of her tactical wisdom, rather, is simply having an assertive public personality and watching how senior members of her own party gain political victories. Say what you want about the Democrats, but they understand the most important thing about winning: It is more important that you do win than how you win. “It’s not about who wins or loses, but how you play the game” is a wonderful maxim in a high-trust society, but it has little application in warfare, literal or cultural.

As a Christian, I do not advocate immoral behavior. That’s not the problem with the Right. The problem with the Right is that they are more concerned about appearing to be nice boys than they are with the business of winning. They want their cake and to eat it to. Their cake is political victories and eating is appeasing the mainstream media, the coalition of color, and yes, even the Democrats themselves. The Right is not solely playing defense in the culture war, they’re asking their opponents, “Is it okay if I tackle you?” This is not how Pelosi and the gals operate. Right or wrong, they worry about securing the victory first and then doing optics clean up after they control the outcome.

Let’s take a look at two recent events.

These tweets regard the Tulsa Rally. Many conservatives have reprimanded AOC for this tweet and these tactics she mentions about TikTok and fake ticket reservations. Here’s the thing: She is either lying or poorly informed because that is not the reason the Tulsa rally did not have full attendance. Here’s the other thing: She still wins the optics battle because her side is able to claim a semi-legitimate victory. The conservatives who are claiming, “Just think of what the Dems will do with mail-in ballots”, in contrast, just come across as whiners and victims.

The other more significant event I want to examine is CHOP. Trump during his Tulsa rally speech said, “Now, I may be wrong, but I think it’s better for us to just watch that disaster.” Trump is wanting to demonstrate the Left’s incompetence by letting CHOP play out. He wants to poke fun at it and Tweet about the Do Nothing Democrats. He also wants to avoid a Kent State situation where unarmed people are killed. But, here’s the other side of that coin, by allowing this to play out, Trump has literally allowed someone to takeover US soil. There is no higher responsibility than the United States’ President to defend us from foreign invaders or domestic revolutionaries.

The Left, on the other hand, has seen their Marxist revolution take a foothold. They are now gaining confidence that they can take more ground. I wonder if the conservatives who are pointing and laughing at CHOP will take such a hands off approach when the revolutionaries take over half a state instead of six city blocks, because that’s their next goal. And if you don’t think that CHOP is a victory for the Left, please remember that they consider the USSR not to be a failed regime, but rather was a learning opportunity of how to do it better next time.

You don’t win by talking about how much you want to win or how silly and stupid the other side is. You don’t win by allowing the team who is winning to hopefully demonstrate how incompetent they are. You don’t win by appealing to your fans about what poor sports the other side is when they invariably win. You don’t win by talking about how mean and nasty the other side is. All of these tactics can help motivate your side to playing harder or being shrewder than their opponent, but sooner or later, you have to get down to competing.

You win by winning.

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