Tucker Carlson For President – Trump Seems To Have Lost His Will To Rule

It’s time for me to post another Tucker rant. This monologue from yesterday is the perfect encapsulation of the frustration that the right is feeling right now. And the last two minutes are particularly relevant as we all wonder, “Where the hell is Trump?”

This confusion about Trump’s inaction is all the more puzzling since we esteem him for being a man of action. Yet, Trump seems content to sit in the White House and watch the country burn because he thinks you’ll be motivated to show up in the polls for Red in November if you see how the local leftist politicians allow their polities to burn to the ground. If this is the case, it is terrible logic. It’s analogous to a dad who allows mom to abuse their children so that the kids will love him more than her when he could stop the madness anytime he wanted. Sure, the kid’s might end up liking dad over mom, but they’re also wondering “Why the hell won’t dad do anything?”

Other Trump loyalists- and I consider myself to be a Trump loyalist- tell me the reason POTUS is sitting on his hands is because he is about to unleash “The Storm.” If you’re unfamiliar with this moniker, it’s a vaguely defined code word for Trump and his Justice Department blitzkrieg-ing the Deep State with all sorts of law-fare and exposing them to be the enemies of the American people. This is all directly tied to QAnon. Let me be clear, I want to be believe that the Storm is coming, but I am dubious. The few times that I have read any Q material it comes across as horoscope prophecy and explanation. Let me also be clear that I would love to be proven wrong about my assessment.

Furthermore, even if Q is correct, it does not explain the current complacency. Trump could fully delegate quelling the rioters to the other parties. He has plenty of time to rant on Twitter about Law & Order, to talk about his amazing economy, and to fight against John Bolton’s book release. He has time to lift his finger to call in the military to quell the joggers and the soy boys.

If Trump as been too busy doing anything over the past month it has been giving Jared Kushner foot massages and saying “Of course, dear” to his daughter Ivanka. Trump has been coalition building with the black community, who with some notable exceptions, hate him. Apparently, being called rayciss has worn on Trump over the past few years. Like every Republican since the dawn of the party, Trump is making the strategical error of appealing to a tiny minority (who will abhor him regardless) instead of appealing to his massive base of white Christian America. This is the exact opposite strategy that propelled him to an historic victory four years ago.

I will still be voting for Donald Trump in November. The alternative option of voting for a satanic geriatric with dementia and allowing whatever woman of color Biden’s masters decide for his VP- who will effectively become POTUS- is not an actual alternative at all. I will still do blog posts and videos that are pro-Trump in the future. I have a lot of respect for the man and believe his platform is the best America could hope for in 2020, but man oh man, how the mighty have fallen. More than anything, I pray that I will eat my words a few weeks or months from now as the God Emperor proves me wrong.

As little as two months ago, I claimed it was impossible for Trump to lose the 2020 election. With this current trajectory, I do not know if it is even possible for him to win. People love rallies (like the one being thrown today in Tulsa, OK) when they perceive their side to be winning. But, when we are losing, they comes across as childish remedies like HR making mandatory morale meetings for the company employees.

Tucker should run for office. Tucker should run for President. I think he would make a hell of a candidate in 2024. He has the right platform, knows how to communicate, and does not back down in arguments. Hopefully, he represents the type of nationalist politicians that rise on the Right in years to come.

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