Equalitarianism As Religion & White Humiliation Rituals

Humanity cannot exist without religion. One of the tricks of modernity has been to convince people that they can be coherently secular, and therefore, irreligious. This is non-sense. Religion has always played a central role in human affairs and we cannot understand ourselves outside a spiritual framework of narrative. Arguments for atheism are beyond retarded. Besides many other dysfunctions they usually harbor, those who tell themselves they don’t believe in God(s) simply replace an ancient and traditional religion with the LARPing of modern ideologies.

Keep in mind that these various ideologies are pervasive. They extend their tentacles into not only each other, and thus over-lapping, but also into traditional religions themselves, a large portion of which have been co-opted by these ideologies. We’ll also observe that these ideologies take the form of religion by adopting a new priesthood (ex. “Scientists”, minorities, Hollywood celebs, etc.) and new rituals.

Today, I am going to briefly focus on one of the big ideologies, Equalitarianism, and one of its rituals, White Humiliation. Equalitarianism believes that every race, gender, and identity be perfectly on equal footing in terms of wealth, power, social standing, and rights. One of the main articles of faith is the innate equality of ability, or stated differently, that every person is capable of doing what any other person is capable of doing. They hold this faith despite the axiomatic differences between both individuals and people groups. A sub-component of this article of faith is tabula rasa, or clean slate. This is the assumption that every human being is born without both natural abilities, inclinations, or even instincts. Each human is a social construct and the product of their environment.

According to such tenets of faith, if different people groups have different outcomes in the realms already mentioned, then rationally they must have cheated. Hence, we have the common term of White Privelege to explain why Europeans tend to be better off and adjusted to civilizations that were build by former Europeans. Convincing Europeans that they are intrinsically evil is important for the Faith. After all, the materialistic salvation of Tikkum Olam cannot be received until whitey is dethroned. And since whitey is still powerful, he must voluntarily give his power away. And in order to convince whitey to do that, he must be convinced that he is evil.

That brings us to White Humiliation Rituals. In the cult faith of Equalitarianism, the evil white people must show penance for the injustices of their skin color to the new priesthood of minorities. In exchange for humiliation and penitence, whites are temporarily granted assuagement from their guilt of their original sin of whiteness. But, this peace of mind lasts only until the next incident of white privilege and oppression is made known to the masses by the prophets of the main stream media, and then the ritual must be repeated again.

If you think I am making this up or exaggerating, please observe.

If you were to watch this without sound, what type of gathering would you assume this is? It certainly appears to be a religious service. And with the audio on, even with the gay-boy high priest leading the parishioners, it has the tone of Lent.

No human individual or group can opt out of worship. It is ingrained within us as spiritual beings seeking to serve a higher cause. For most Americans, the only spiritual options they are aware of are Equalitarianism or Hedonism. These two religions often feed off each other, as the emptiness, destruction, and degradation of one requires the anathesia of the other. And yes, it is a two-way street.

Do you want to see the modern form of self-flagellation? Then look no further than modern AWFL asceticism of covering yourself in your own shit to atone for your whiteness.

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