Trump Shows Up & The Importance Of Armaments

President Trump obviously reads my blog and watches my videos. I am very humbled that he did exactly as I asked him to with the military response.

But, in all seriousness, Trump showed up. I’ll concede that perhaps there was some purpose in letting the situation in democrat strongholds deteriorate to the point where the common folk would be begging for federal intervention. And not only did Trump show up, he decided to win the optics battle while he was at it. He left the Rose Garden in the middle of his speech and walked to St. John’s, which was the Church that was burned down by the rioters the night before, while holding a Bible in hand. The symbolism could hardly be less subtle. Trump represents Christian European America and traditional values. He stands for the law and justice of Christendom’s 2000 year history.

Sleep Joe, on the other hand, still does not understand optics at all.

Not only is he wearing that ridiculous mask (COVID is sooo last week), but he was dumb enough to take a knee. This will certainly win him some brownie points with the joggers, but white, brown, and yellow are collectively unimpressed. All they see in this photo is weakness, capitulation, and eight more years of Barack Obama. They will not allow that to happen again.

In other news, if you were one of the dummies who refused to own a weapon to protect yourself and your household, I hope by now you have wised-up. I found this tweet rather humorous.

The enemies of the people have figured out how to burn cities on command but they are still clueless as to how to even strike a blow against their enemy. Cernovich had a relevant observation when he said something to the extent of, ‘This is the first time in history an unarmed group of people is trying to attack the armed group of people.’ I cannot emphasize how important gun-ownership has been in preventing Bolshevism 2.0. In fact, the widespread ownership of weapons is the only thing that has prevented America’s hostile takeover. In this current insurrection, the riots gained a fervor that we have never seen before in American history within major cities, and notably, democrat domains. But, despite all of the threats and posturing, the pillaging never spread over into the suburbs or the rural ares. Because guns.

Surely, our masters intent on destroying the American nation will regroup and address this somehow. Their ultimate hope is that people will voluntarily hand over their firepower, which is something they will always be disinclined to do, especially when weeks like this are in recent memory. Aside from that possibility, the organizers must find a way either to arm their NPC army or to control the military to turn it on the armed citizens of the US.

The former scenario would be remarkably expensive to fund. At the absolute minimum, there are about $160 billion worth of guns in the US right now and they lay almost exclusively Right-winger’s hands. Besides funding being a near impossibility, there is the greater problem of supply, distribution, and training. In other words, it’s next to impossible.

The latter strategy- commandeering control of the military- is the more likely option. Our military leadership is becoming more and more converged, so we must continue to send nationalists to Washington with the hopes of offsetting the influence of our corrupt military leadership.

If you don’t own a gun, then you need to buy one. Actually, not one, but several. And learn how to use them.

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