Where The Hell Is Donald Trump?

There are not many encouraging signs on this first day of June. Major protests & riots have sprung up in the majority of large American cities. The severity of such uprisings range from mostly peaceful, as in Phoenix, to resembling Mogadishu, as in Minneapolis, Atlanta, and DC. Numerous fatalities have been inflicted among bystanders, the violent rioters themselves, and even law enforcement officers. Fare more commonly, people caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time- often local business owners- are severely beaten. The most disturbing aspect of these acts of violence are there random nature. Random, except that the victims are targeted because they are white.

Besides the anarchic violence, untold numbers of businesses have been destroyed, looted, and burned to the ground. Statues of national significance have been toppled over. The historic St. John’s church was set ablaze. The optics of the situation are dystopian to say the least.

Most disturbing of all is the complete absence of leadership from President Trump. As one of his fervent supporters, I do not utter these words lightly. I often find myself sticking up for him even against other members on the Right. But to be honest, these last few days have made me waver in my faith. Trump’s involvement up to this point, at least as far as the public is aware, has been to send out tweets mocking the rioters, mocking the Democrat leadership in the cities where the most chaos is transpiring, and naming the assailants. He even sent out a tweet with his promise to name ANTIFA- one of the two main organizations behind the riots- as a terrorist group.

All of this is fine and good, but what Trump has yet to do, and what all of his supporters are desperately asking him to do, is to send out the military to quell the rioters with force. There is a case to be made that using the military on your own citizens should only be reserved for the most dire of circumstances, that the optics would be terrible, and that the Left-wing media would have a field day covering the “totalitarian use of force.” Undoubtedly, such a move would be used as propaganda to label Trump a tyrant determined to suppress “peaceful protests” with violence. Trump is surely hesitant because if he deploys the troops a significant portion of America would would never consider voting for him. Here’s the thing, that same portion of America would never vote for him anyway. This weak move is likely the tactic of his sissy son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who wants to build a coalition with black community leaders. Consequently, the Trump administration has been cucking over George Floyd in ways that we never thought possible.

In his effort to not offend the blacks, Trump is alienating his base. This base is losing faith in him at an unprecedented pace as he stumped on the absurdity of allowing the riots to continue during the Obama administration. Trump may believe that going soft on these riots will help him in November, which I would assess to be a fatal error in judgement. The more pertinent issue his administration needs to be looking into is if they do not do anything now to stop the insurrection now, whether there will even be a Republic left come November.

Empires take a long time to rise and then fall very quickly.

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