George Floyd Riots Day 4

The insurrections continued to escalate on Friday night as major riots broke out in Minneapolis, New York City, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, and in Washington D.C. – at the White House door-step. Once again, there was were several deaths amongst the protestors and a federal security guard in Oakland was also killed.

Some points of significance.

You Can’t Control How A Fire Burns

As apart of the riot in Atlanta, the participants decided to attack the CNN headquarters by breaking windows, spraying graffiti, and even throwing a minor explosive inside. Apparently, these well-informed and responsible citizens were unaware that CNN are the woke, good-guys and would never ever do or say something racist. But seriously, this is the exact point I was making yesterday regarding Michael Moore, who jut like CNN, has been fanning the flames of insurrection and believing they are able to control it. Once you release the mob, there is no telling where it goes and who it attacks. And it certainly is not going to be controlled by white liberal slobs like Moore or the pretentious staff at CNN. These rioters don’t care about a person’s ideology as they are not rioting against political beliefs. They are revolting against whitey and everything that whitey stands for. If whitey sounds vague, ill-defined, and easy to conflate with nearly every business and institution in the United States, then you are beginning to understand the scale here. They just want to see America burn.

Cause Of George Floyd’s Death

Still waiting on the specifics, but…

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner says a preliminary autopsy found no evidence that George Floyd died of strangulation and traumatic asphyxia after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck for more than 8 minutes.

The medical examiner said Floyd had underlying health conditions, including coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease.

“The combined effects of Mr. Floyd being restrained by the police, his underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his system likely contributed to his death,” the medical examiner reported.

Now, just because we are receiving this report does not mean the medical examiner is telling the truth or that the report has not been tainted. But given the fact that it appears in the viral video that Floyd couldn’t have suffocated since he was talking quite easily makes this report more corroborative in categorization. Still others are claiming that the officer could have cut off the blood flow to Floyd’s brain, however, I see similar problems with this theory as with the asphyxiation theory.

As anyone could have predicted, the release of this examiner’s report did nothing to quell the riots. Revolution was desired long before Floyd’s death. His passing serves as a convenient justification to light the tinder.

Where The Hell Is President Trump?

This is true. There were many Trump supporters last night on social media asking where he was and why he was not taking a strong lead on the riots and bringing the requisite force to end them. After all, didn’t he mention the looting and shooting the night before?

But, alas.

Fucking Jared.

As bad as Joe Biden’s campaign is, it is tactical mistakes such as this that could derail Trump’s re-election. Among the many issues he campaigned on, law & order were among his prominent stump topics. He specifically condemned the riots of 2016. Once again, a Republican is too concerned with getting the black vote, which he is not going to win anyway, instead of keeping the white vote, which is still the vast majority of Americans.

Arguably the most important aspect of winning elections is energizing your base. Right now, Trump looks very weak and his base feels deflated. They, we, know that Trump could put an end to these riots tonight if he wanted to, but Kushner and the Boomers don’t want to look rayciss. I pray, for the sake of Trump’s campaign and the safety of Americans, that Trump wakes up and decides to act soon.

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