Thoughts On The 3rd Night Of Riots

The reaction to George Floyd’s death is well beyond ironic at this point as tensions continue to escalate not only in Minneapolis, but in many major cities across the US. Besides the looting that has received much mainstream attention there have also been a number of deaths (murder and self-defense) and credible rumors that women were being abducted and raped amidst the chaos. Of course, none of this madness` has anything to do with George Floyd or how he may have died. This all has to due with inciting revolution, but I have discussed this a couple of times already this week.

There were two moments last night that were notably powerful to witness via social media that I wish to chronicle.

The first was the abandonment of the 3rd precinct by the police after the mob started to form outside.

As I say in the tweet, this is symbolic of Western Civilization as a whole.

There is perhaps no higher purpose for the police than to prevent large scale riots that we are currently witnessing in Minneapolis. Riots are very dangerous and always have casualties. They also tend to escalate until they are quelled, which is the police’s responsibility. In this case, when the rioters come to the very doors of the police, instead of protecting their own territory, they allow it be taken over and burned down. And yes, I realize they have stand down orders, but that doesn’t change the situation’s optics.

Likewise, Western Civilization as a whole and the various nations that compose it have been completely unwilling to defend their own territory. The modus operandi assumes “Just play nice and the other side will come around.” One-hundred years into the nice-boy experiment is not showing positive results. Force must be met with force.

The second moment was a tweet by Michael Moore, which was indicative of a number of incendiary tweets he put out last night, which was indicative of many other wealthy white liberals who were trying to fan the flame of revolution.

On the surface Moore is calling for no violence, which, assuming he is even being sincere, is just as naive as the “Always playing nice will win you respect” line of thinking outlined above. Of course there will be violence. Riots by definition are violent. They are a communal release of the passions that reliably lead to rape and bloodshed. Cross-reference every revolution in history.

The more naive aspect of this type of riot-coaching is the hidden assumption behind it. Moore, and the white liberals who are fanning the flames of revolution, believe that they can direct these mobs to do their bidding. They think the mobs are on their side. What they don’t seem to realize is that once the revolution comes to Michael Moore’s mansion door-step, they are not going to find self-restraint and exclaim, “No, no, no! Let’s skip this house. He’s one of the good white people.” Just like Robespierre, these liberals will be eaten by the revolution that they are encouraging. Once the irrationality of revolution begins there is no force to stop it from consuming its own.

I’m not claiming that there is never a just reason for a revolution. But when the primary cause for all of these riots is ostensibly the cold-blooded murder of blacks, which is never the case, well, that’s a bad sign.

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