Minneapolis Set On Fire By Black Lives Matter

I certainly did not anticipate when I wrote yesterday’s post (or taped yesterday’s video) that such a volatile turns of events would have taken place. But, given the fact that I said the purpose of elevating those stories was race-baiting- specifically pitting black against white- I’m obviously not surprised it happened either. It’s starting to feel like 2016 again, and I am not the only person who noticed that Black Lives Matter seems to roll around every major election year.

Several stores were looted. Many more store fronts were damaged. Some were even set on fire.

If you have a hard time empathizing with the black population (and I’m not trying to excuse their behavior), then you may not see the full scale of how they have been used as revolutionaries. No other demo in the US has been fed as much as false information as they have. And yes, it is their community’s responsibility to see through such lies, but that is no small task given the extent of propaganda they’ve been subjected to. No other ethnic group has been spoon fed the lies of equalitarianism, diversity, and institutional racism to the extent that blacks have.

The historical wrong-turn for the black community was their abandonment of Christianity. The restraint on their more volatile natures that Christianity facilitated has now been replaced with more carnal and revolutionary ideologies as seen in their rappers, athletes, and entertainers. It can also been seen in the remnant of their churches, who eschewed the beatitudes in exchange for the social gospel some time ago. Just as white churches were infiltrated and destroyed, which led to the destruction of traditional white culture, so black churches have been infiltrated and destroyed leading to anarchy.

If right now you are angry with black people in general, well, that’s somewhat understandable. If right now you are thinking that all black people are evil, then not only are you wrong, but you are playing right into (((the elites))) hands. That is exactly what they want. That is why the media is elevating the significance of such stories as the deaths of George Floyd and Ahmad Arbery. They are purposively trying to stoke racial animosity. They did not specifically design the conflagration that occurred in Minneapolis last night, but they setup the kindle, doused the logs underneath it with kerosene, and gave the lighter to Keshawn after boozing him up on malt liquor.

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